[METHOD] Unheard methods: How to increase the reach on Instagram 🔥 (including my own secret sauce and golden nugget)

Yeah, I had a lower limit than 6000… So, I stopped doing actions for a while as a strategy to turn off IG red flags. After 1 month, it seems like I can slowly go back to the actions. Let’s see…
I’m not using JV right now, but I intend to go back in a couple of weeks.

Does this mean that if you edit your photos in an editing photoshop app and then post, all that data is no longer available for the photo because you are exporting it from another source that may not have that data from the photo and you may get less reach vs a photo that is simply just posts after being taken on a phone?

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Not sure about Photoshop, but Lightroom retains this information upon export unless you tell it not to.

Thank you so much guide for sharing this method!

So this method won’t work if I run page to target mainly US/UK audience but I live in Thailand?

Thank You very muvh!


Just went through the whole thread. Alot of nuggets in here, thanks for the share!

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When through everything as well. It’s value bomb! Thanks for the great info!

Is there a software that we can add all these metadata to a downloaded photo? To simulate as if the photo was taken from camera.

Any EXIF editing program should technically do the trick, don’t know if they can prove it was made up or not, but there are plenty of programs and mobile apps to achieve it.


WOW! This looks like some super sonic advanced sh*t for sure! Question tho, how do you download an image and it’s alt text? Baby beginner minds want to know (=


Thank you so much for sharing! :pray:


Is there anyway that we can implement these tips with MP tool? Maybe it just works if we manage IG account manually in our smartphone :frowning:

where to get exact coordinates for a specific place? I tried to do it using google maps but it’s very confusing and I’m noot a geography pro lol

I use a custom tool for bulk GPS adding, filerenaming and image enhancing/contrast/etc change. But other software can also achieve this I guess :slight_smile:


is this included for md5 changes or Metadata ?

also i saw that metadata adding to bulk repost image will have better effect if we do location based on our country followers ?

The best way to clear MD5 and any other data from an image is the old, screenshot of the image, paste on your favorite image program, and save the new image.
Of course, if you’re running a few accounts, this gets tedious and you’ll need a better automated program to do this.

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yes but first you can not bulk screenshot all pics that you wanna repost it will take lot of time
also for geo location as it effects too if you screenshot and you live in usa your audience is mostly in uk it will not be as effective…

what about md5 and metadata changing if we changing it 1 time we have to do it again for another account ?

No point of adding hashtag if you have private account. Your post won’t show up in the hashtag section.

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Does anyone know if this meta data trick works if you post through websites like later.com ??

only ONE way to find out… TEST IT. :sunglasses: