Mobile proxy death anyone?

Hey, has anybody experienced mobile proxies getting blacklisted? at first I thought it was impossible to happen because of the rotation, but then I’m seeing that my social media accounts are getting constantly banned after being on them for a while even with very little actions… This happened to anybody?

Which social media are you referring to? And is this with Jarvee?

not with jarvee

Look for some other reason. Since in case it was a reason - accounts of real people would get banned too. But its not

Yes, they can get blacklisted and it’s not too hard to do. If your setup is in a low density area then it is way too easy to ruin it for regular people too.

The good news is that due to the nature of those IPs they get removed from blacklist pretty fast. High density areas may need only 48 hours while a low density one (based on what I encountered), can last up to 2 weeks if you really push the subnet.

The real problem is that some people will swear that it is impossible to blacklist those since IG should just ignore bot traffic emerging out of nowhere, I guess. Then they will blame everything but the IPs and won’t try alternative connections giving the main one time to be cleared from any blacklist.

I suggest completely stopping any action for a few days and then coming back - you should start seeing regular results again.

Edit: Also, if you are interested why in most cases people with regular accounts are not affected, it’s because IG can see enough data on their phones to know they’re real.

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Only rented 4g proxies can be flagged and will be most of the times because some sellers cheat and rent the same to many people, if you make your own using your local 4g sim cards there will be a smaller chance of getting flagged.

this was a thought in my mind since the beginning actually the proxies I’m using are in certain cities, which I’m sure don’t have the HIGHEST density- but I’ve been going apeshit on them with action, like beating the shit out of them harder than life insurance salesmen on their families. So if your theory is right then Id have to stop for a day or 2 and return after

yeah, but do you agree with driulis? I think he shed a lot of light here, though I’m hoping he’s right

The thing is when you think about the metaverse it works just like that, yes accounts of real life people are also getting banned, especially from certain carriers and stuff unless they of course have plenty cookies showing they’re real. It’s just like the Merovingian in the matrix who just already knows just by the look of people, so in that case a few days rest would be enough to let the Merovingian cool down and say forget it! Besides, my accounts arent dying as soon as cookies are generated, my accounts are dying it seems to be after some actions, and when they re-start again…

It doesn’t matter if its 5 actions or 100 actions, when they pause and I use another account and come back to it, its done

I agree, I ran very short rotations on 20 mobile proxies on my own 4G farm here in New Zealand.

When I was making my own slaves I noticed that the ones that got captcha, would be ones that I had used the same ip or similar subnet too.

Then when running accounts I noticed the more rotations I used the more bans I was getting. I changed this and it went down a lot. I think this is not as related to a ban but too many ip changes on the same account.

Also, if you have every bought a US proxy from one of the major suppliers you will know what a ban is like. You will only make a small percentage of accounts because everyone is trying to use the same proxies for creation. IG knows whats up!

right there: the IP jump… but the thing is in my case, I can jump IP’s and everything while I’m doing actions its fine… But when I use another account on a different IP, wait for the proxy to rotate; then return back to the first account, the first account dies…

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Yes 4g proxy can be blacklisted but if you use proper and rotate for every account is safe

what do you mean by rotate? have the proxy rotate?

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It can change ips forcefully. Doing it too often may cause more issues though. So, testing some different times is a must.

some proxy have rotating proxy at different times or on demand… Also there are no rotating proxy. Is depend on the seller that provide proxy if have these features or no