Monetize Facebook traffic - 70k - 140k visits

Hi, I have website which generates between 70.000 - 140.000 visits daily…female visits
Currently I use Adsense on my website. From your experience what is best thing to do combined with adsense to earn extra money? All traffic comes from Facebook pages

wow that’s nice traffic! If your website is a blog you may want to consider something like Mediavine. Or sell a product. But maybe you already do that.

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I dont do anything that you mentioned.I just have Adsense on my website

I would add some more ads if you can without being too annoying with them. Like from different ad networks. Or you could open a niche store that is directed towards your pages demos and dropship products.

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I added some ads yesterday… This option is complicated because most of these visits are female, older than 35 years, but in my country internet and paying with internet is no no for that type of people so I cant dropship them…

Is it related to something where you could sell them some sort of online course?

Its food recipes, health recipes etc. female stuff

What about selling a food recipe book/ebook

Or cooking related gadgets/tools to help with the cooking process

Or baking related stuff

Or health related books/ebooks

Or supplements (either dropship or affiliate others)


supplements , this is only thing that I can do, affiliate

Why exactly do you think you can’t do droppshipping, but affiliate if I may ask :slight_smile:

Because 80% of my visitors are older ladies which dont have PayPal or dont have anything to pay online…That is why I cant dropship but I can do affiliate with one company which have warehouse in 5 countries, they ship products to their adress, and they pay cash on delivery, this is website

Ah ok that makes sense now, I thought with affiliate they would have to pay online too lol…
Thanks for explaining! Well yeah then I suppose affiliate and ads are your only options… You could also contact companies in your niche and see if they pay you to promote them on your site :wink:

If you haven’t already i would recommend building up your mailing list. You can then target this with mutiple affiliate offers or even charge other people to advertise to your niche list.

Well done so far on the traffic by the way! Are you currently seeing alot of sales through affiliate offers?

I dont have mail list, which tactic/service is best for mail collecting…

I’m still working on website on which I will sell stuff

you could use Mailchimp thats free and setup a nice landing page / opt in

sell health and beauty products

Moetize by selling something: beauty products, supplements etc

What’s your niche. I might can give you some idea. As I am doing dropshipping.

You may try ti find good cpa offer and try it out

Do you have youtube? If you don’t apply for one. Upload cooking videos and embed on your site .

Do you Collect any info of your visitors? If don’t then collect their details. depending on your location you can sell those. USA-Europe Emails = $1+ each

Message me If you want . whats your site called? which country? Im guessing latin countries which has low CPC? right?

Regarding CPA , it doesn’t work with that kind of traffic.