Monitor your performance per-hashtag?


I’ve noticed a couple of websites like Flick / SocialInsider offering per-hashtag performance analysis, i.e. when you post they enable you to see which hashtags you ranked on and how high you got.

As far as I can see there is no API / way of doing this. Is it just a marketing gimmick? How are they doing this?



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This isn’t hard to check really, all you have to do is visit hasthag and see is your post there and where is it placed. It probably can be automated. I’ll check can we add it to Jarvee.



+1 for this!

In general I would love to see more tool options for hashtags.
There are some statistics which can’t be identified at the first look but could be very helpful to know for choosing them for our posts.

Search Volume
The number of posts or likes are a good indicator to sort and choose them. But knowing the search frequency (if that’s even possible to monitor) could help to know if the ‘demand’ is high/trending.

Post Frequency vs. Engagement
Somewhere I saw some Standalone-Hashtag Tools which are displaying this stats. With that you can see how high the competition is (not in every case equivalent to the total number of posts).

For example a Hashtag with relatively low number of posts per day (compared to similar ones in size) but a high amount of engagement would be a good one to choose = higher chances to rank the post.

If we can’t catch the number of searches for the hashtags ‘Post Frequency vs. Engagement’ as filters would be a good alternative in my eyes.

Just few ideas about it.


That’s a great idea. I would pay good money for that, for sure

yeah can be very good thing to add like a tracker for best hashtags to reuse only effective ones

can same thing be done for competitor ? mean based on the api it will simpy see wich hashtags from the posts of competitor got most ranked on

I would love any search volume insights, but feel like this is a black box (even on FB).

It’s a bit surprising that there isn’t any mention of hashtags in the profile Insights, even in Creator Studio (which will ideally become a more advanced management tool).

I remember a tool mentioned on here sometime last year that showed the number of posts by hashtag and engagement, as well. If anyone has a link to a tool that’s working, that would be awesome! It would also be interesting to hear from anyone that’s manually inputting and tracking hashtag success for their accounts. I’d really like to get into some technical testing.

Right now I think most of the larger paid tools report on hashtag sets for an account rather than individual hashtags that may be contributing to engagement. For the latter you really need to look at the hashtag first, which I’m sure some tools out there are doing.

Nice way to promote your service, maybe your developers spent months to do something that can be done in a few hours, we’ve done it long time ago, if this is was your way to promote it just remember that in this forum there are tons of smart people with experience. Also I don’t like you talking about other service provider, doesn’t fit our forum etiquette.

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Is that the same way that sites like Buffer track hashtag performance? Or would they - being as big as they are - be running through the IG API?

You could answer the question, that was not addressed to you, without mentioning your product and also attacking a competitor…actually you are negative not me.

Many members here, like myself, have developed successful products for many years, much more complex than a simple hashtag research tool. So please add something to this discussion and leave your ads for the marketplace. As you said you won’t give any step by step or any other thing so your post is useless.

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If anybody wants to know how to track hashtag performance, you just need to use the Instagram endpoints available, you don’t even need an account (login). If you want to develop this simple tool and not waste your money, let me know and we will share all the code.

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well, please explain this to me – ANY software for the purpose of gathering information and collecting it is prohibited by the TOS, which yours clearly does. Sounds to me like you do too. That is simply ignore the TOS. Graph or no graph using the api, its the same damn thing

Community excuse my posts as I didn’t realize that he/she created the account probably to promote the service only.

Instagram allows the collection of data through their official API, that does not violate terms and conditions.

I created an account to answer the question about our service.

Last time I tell you, nobody asked you anything!!! @LaCleon was asking the community.
@Adnan I don’t want to be rude but this is not how we share knowledge in our community, pls take a look.

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“You must not crawl, scrape , or otherwise cache any content from Instagram including but not limited to user profiles and photos. … You must not, in the use of Instagram , violate any law”
Instagram say you can’t – no matter how. Please don’t straight up lie


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Which one of these two accounts should I delete? :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining how your hashtag analysis tool work.

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read that first part. It is only for your page, your instagram account.
Read the later part

linked permissions –
it clearly states you must BE ON THAT ACCOUNT!!!

your firm is not in anyway liked to any program – so give me a break, you cant.

above pic you sent is nothing but half truth – you cannot sell this info because clearly you have no roles in any page – good try

so, you scrape info never a page role – you sell it. What part did you say again is legal and with TOS –
bullshit. Double me, read insta’s own TOS terms and what a Professiona account is – only page to page.