More followers from targeted countries

Hi everyone.
I have an account with 24k followers. My audience locations are US 25% followed by Brazil 11%….
I want to target to US mostly. I used minimum age to 35 before to the most of the countries but it still not worked. And I can’t add minimum age to more than 35.
What should i do? Any ideas?
I am outside of US.

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Hi Kamil is your question about ads?

I know for Reels, usually the algorithm works locally before it gets shown to a bigger and more global audience. It’s highly geotargeted, for this you might need a proxy so your reels can be shown in USA.

As for ads, it should only target USA if you do the correct targeting.

I don’t mean ads.
My posts mostly hit in explore page.
I used hashtags before but I don’t use hashtags for now because i am posting carousel videos.
And I don’t use reels yes because of the algorithm.
What’s your opinion?

Can you tell me how can i use proxy on my phone? Any apps? It it possible to change my location with VPN? Thanks

So you are growing your account on your phone and not using any automation app?

You may check this article on how to configure proxy on your phone: Configure Proxy | Progress Test Studio

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, I don’t use automation apps.
Is Instagram reels works same as Tiktok? Tiktok chooses your location by your current SIM card. Does also reels check for SIM card or we can change our location by only proxies?
What about explore page (not reels posts)? Do you think i can reach my posts more to US users in the explore page by only using proxies? Thanks.

You can’t use your posts to grow in that case as they will continue to grow in the demographics it already has.

You will have to grow in a different more targeted way. Like follow/ unfollow, mother slave or fb ads (prob the most expensive way).

These three methods allow you to target the audience you want and if your content is good they will follow.

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I think if in the beginning if had followed only US users then the result would be different. But it was my mistake.

try what hero recommended especially the ads part it should fix the issue or at least a part of it and see how it goes.

I used proxy today on my phone. I deleted the instagram and downloaded it, then i turned on the proxy and i posted a reel but the viewers were from my country. Can you help me please?

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That willl not help you. Your page is now accustomed to its demographics. The way to changes it is through automated or manual growth. If you don’t wat to spend money then do follow unfollow.

Follow 10-20 people that are in your ideal demographic and Force unfollow 10-20 people that are not (make your account private and then unfollow them off your profile, or block).

Up This by 10-20 each day until you get to around 100. Make sure you spread the follows/ unfollows throughout the day. I.e Don’t follow 50 people in one go.

*It is a lot of work but you will not get the organic reach without lowering your bad followers whilst bringing in new ones.

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Anyone knows is there a tool to fetch all my followers username and full name? Maybe then i can check by their name and detect that if they are US names or not then if not, remove them.

Are you referring to TIktok or Instagram?

I mean Instagram.

Yes, Jarvee Scrape Tools can do that. The results file will include username and full name. Since you have 24k followers, you will need a lot of scraper accounts and private proxies. I would say start with at least 30 accounts plan.

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Jarvee would be your best and easiest choice, you can get your 24k users by using 10-12 scrapers, try to scrape in batches not all at once, assign the accounts to some good proxies.

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Aside from the suggestions above, @Kamil you may also try to scrape users based on their bio (which will filter out the location) There are available tools for that.

Are you sure about Reels showing it firstly to just a common locals?
well i believe it all work on keywords, my reels are way high for my local community…for this niche(mine page niche) and it all work as a puzzle, post,videos,storys,igtv,guides, i sticked to few keywords and every time i use my “magic keyword” the post is doing nice work, i stick to few, but specific keyword stole my attention

Have you tried commenting and befriending influencers in your niche in the US? Their engagement (and the engagement of their followers) may help.

I have a large South American following on my main profile. While I’d like all UK/US/EU, I recognise that South America has a huge number of IG users and that’s just the way it is. Plus, they engage and are highly passionate, so I try to see the positives.

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I can’t find this feature in Jarvee. I don’t see any unfollow filter by geo-location.
How can i unfollow my followers by filtering to the specific countries?