Mother Slave Method - Reality Check

I’ve always been very vocal about private networks to promote a main brand, as it’s one of the main pillars of my whole strategy, so I’ve gotten a fair amount of questions about it.

Just like with any other service, there are have been a ton of “marketing truths” being spread around paired with clients who like to be optimistic about the results, which leads to a ton of disappointment.

As someone who’s on both sides of the equation, I’d like to talk about some of the biggest misconceptions.

Quality vs Quantity
Most people value this whole method on the quantity of slaves, for some reason.
In turn most sellers will try to impress you with high package numbers.
This leads to a focus on quantity over quality, which is worse for both seller and client.

5 good accounts will bring better results than 20 spammy looking ones.

With everyone undercutting their competition to the ground, at some point we had people selling slaves at $4/mo.

To put things into perspective, it’s not that difficult to get $10/mo with a simple CPA funnel, if you actually know how to grow a niche account.
You can bump that to $30/mo or more if you build a simple dropship store.

Why would anyone sell slaves for so cheap, if they actually knew how to manage these accounts?
If that doesn’t make it obvious that you’ll likely get scammed, I don’t know what will.

Another way to seduce clients is with some growth numbers, because after all that’s one of the KPI for most.

While this is highly dependent on niche, sellers tend to give you the highest gains they’ve seen, or completely made up in some cases.

I’ve had accounts growing 15K followers monthly with a small network of 10 accounts, but that’s the exception not the norm.

You can expect around 3K followers from a network of 50 good slaves.
This number will go up over time, but don’t expect higher numbers on the first month.
Anyone promising a number much higher than that should be taken with a grain of salt, specially if they don’t already have some big accounts in your niche.

As expected, this is the most important metric for people, when deciding if they should spend money on it.

When done properly this method will lead to a decent increase in profile visits, as new people are discovering your account, which means more website visits and sales.

However there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to these private networks.
Working with someone who understands your side of the business is very important to optimize this last part.

While in reality this method should be highly profitable for any shop, it really depends on how legit the slaves look and the approach taken when interacting with the target audience.


Thanks for the masterclass. Again, in your line of saying a lot but in the end, you’re saying nothing. I have to admit that of all the hundreds and hundreds of users in this forum, you’re probably the only one I dislike the most. And I bet I’m not alone on that.



I had more Than 15k accounts and 2k working at the same time before when selenium account creator and ipv4 were ok to have things going
I never did CPA, all I did was flip accounts or sell the method itself
But in the end as the sellers sell a pretty girl that is using her best angle photo you also cherrypicked what you take as truth btw

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Great read! Glad to see people trying, reading and sharing!

Hope we cross our paths someday!


So what’s your cost of slaves? And what growth can you promise/deliver with that cost? Was hoping to read some more detailed experience. Only thing i’m expecting now is people to read, try, cripple m/s and possibly even blacklist proxies doing so.

P.s. i’d almost suggest putting it lvl2 as lvl1’s would first need to try and get a couple of accounts running without blocks before even trying this method. My 2 cents

Edit again: so in a way i kind of agree with @Parliament except for his approach or personal feelings then. I feel like the topic says nothing much, yet highlights a niched approach of increasing followers. Adding on top of what i previously said, it will be caught on to by IG the more people try it, fuck it up or saturate it. For that reason, lvl2 still

While i’m confident (right?) It’s not a hidden sales approach/topic. It feels this way just a little or at least you’ll be getting DM’s from desperate blocked lvl’ers. Without having added anything of real value that people can relate or work with.

But no personal issue. All props to you :blush: just my critique.


Thank you for saying this, hopefully people will read this and finally get it…
$5 per slave = close to guaranteed scam


Not sure what’s your perspective on this.

I probably should state that it’s not so easy to create and manage a network, if this wasn’t obvious.
Nor is this thread meant to address that issue.

My post isn’t at all technical, neither was it meant to be.
It’s meant for the masses of new users that are coming into these forums looking for this, who sometimes end up being lied to, because they don’t know better.

The unrealistic expectations they have. The unrealistic projections they’re given.
All leads to needless disappointment.


Do you dislike me or Daniel more tho? :roll_eyes:


Since a few members on here are pointing out that you are essentially saying nothing, why not offer consulting on M/S? Is this post simply about defending M/S? I’d love to hear your thoughts, respectfully.

We unfortunately never got a chance to start with M/S and some massive M/S suppliers have told me they closed up because it’s simply not viable at scale. I will be watching where this goes closely.



So your message to them is M/S is a hard to manage, but viable option?

Correct me if I’m wrong, I believe you once said you ‘pick and choose’ who you work with? I deduct from everything I read that you only work in specific niches because those are the only niches that work?

Educate everyone here, can M/S work in every single niche, not just the big titty/ass niche now?

Furthermore, I want you to know that I’m just raising a healthy debate. I’m not here to bash anyone.


This is the biggest issue that I was looking to solve.

Getting laughed at for asking for more then $10 per slave, because it’s too expensive.

Then you see how the guys selling them for $5 handled the June update. It was a complete disaster.

Most people are still in that old mindset, that getting 100 daily followers is cheap and easy.


I feel you man, I feel you…

Also struggling with that, people will slowly start to realize this though, I’m sure about that!

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If anyone would negotiate your price, i’d just go silent. Thank you, next.

Saying it here in a topic wont change much if anything at all.

In my opinion there is no need to convince anyone of your price. If they dont want to pay for it, lose them. Negotiating or even lecturing someone who’s hard to convince will only mean trouble long term. For example getting stabbed in the back with paypal chargebacks,… struggling or being annoyed by those people means that you’re about to collab with the wrong people

My perspective

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This should be done before you even speak with clients (addressing objections on the sales page).

What i’m noticing is that lvl2 people promote their salesthread in a lvl1 topic which leads to such situations as mentioned above. Receiving DM’s cause lvl1 cant access the thread. I’m not sure if it’s grey area, forbidden or if i’m missing something about the the rules. I would assume lvl2 people dont negotiate or argue prices when checking a sales thread @Smylie

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Most people aren’t looking to create their own network, as they probably have no experience managing that many accounts.

I know you’re already managing accounts at scale, so I’m positive that wouldn’t be an issue for you.
However most account owners don’t have that experience.

It’s a viable option in terms of results, since it’s still one of the cheapest ways to get targeted followers with any consistency.

Being selective is just a personal choice. Sometimes it has to do with the niche, other times it has to do with the attitude.

If you can grow an account with shoutouts from niche pages, you can grow it with M/S.

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I think Synch here is just saying the reality check is that slaves (can we call them childs, don’t like slave term) should be minimum $10 per account. It’s a public service announcement, not a guide or tech analysis.

Just like we need a reality check about F/UF should be minimum $100 each and stop telling clients they can get 2,000+ followers per month. I’m looking at you ding dongs charging $30 a month.


This thread isn’t directed at people who want to sell M/S to their clients.

The part about prices should make it pretty obvious why all those sellers went out of business.

They claim it’s impossible. Reality is that it’s impossible when you’re being paid $5 per slave.

This thread is meant as a discussion about the reality of this method after the June update, since most people are still adjusting to that reality.

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This is exactly it, I honestly thought it was more obvious.

The reason why I made this thread is because 95% of people who DM me about this service have been “lied to” since the June update, which is terrible both for sellers and buyers.

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Then again all this should be common sense. Want to pay 5 each, sure get luck being scammed. I was feeling it with OGLibra ‘accidentally’ opening a sales topic in lvl1. Boom 2 days later the scam happened. People should just make a sales thread and let interested people who can access it get in business with you. Pushing your services to lvl1’s is asking for trouble. Lvl2 is for people who have come this far, have contributred, have money to spend, know the issues and troubles, they are usually willing to grow with you, they wont usually chargeback or drop you when things go bad, … Lvl1 usually dont have money to gamble or they would have tested it themselves on a larger scale with tests. Talking about mpsocial community area only.

I think people are part to blame if they target people that dont necessairly have the money to spend, like a wannabe blogger, wannabee influencer, or soso business. You can control that part yourself too for a big part.

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I get what you’re saying about the levels, but if this thread is gonna save someone from a scam it’s a level 1.

You can look into any thread mentioning M/S services and most of the interest is coming from Lv1s who are easily deceived.

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