Mp Social Level 2? Someone teach us

can someone lay out a step by step on how to reach level 2 please

Start by contributing to the community.


there is a thread, search “levels explained” in the top right corner

hate to break it to you, but if you are looking for IG help, the forum has kinda died, people moving to different businesses and or focus on other projects as the future of IG automation seems really unstable


I’m not even close to getting level 2, but it is like a marathon. You have to contribute with your knowledge as much as possible, it’s not something that happens overnight with a “trick”. Learn and teach.

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There you go

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there is a quite a reason why not every1 reach lvl 2 …

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As some already pointed out, be active and contribute to the community. The rest will follow (probably).

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buy your ticket to LVL2

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