Music Video Storyboard

TIP: Where to create Music video storyboard? Pinterest

I released a single called Pocketful of Sand. For the music video I wanted to work with an artist in South Korea. I used Pinterest to create a complete storyboard whereby I placed my lyrics alongside images I felt represented the images in my head when I wrote the song. This helped the visual artist get a sense of what I hoped to accomplish. Once he understood the overall concept.

I have also used Pinterest as a mood board to help me in the writing process. An example of this is Seattle Mornin’

I wondered if anyone else on MP Social uses Pinterest in the same way?


That’s a great creative idea… I never used it in that way. I can imagine many possibilities. How did it work out for you?

It worked out well. When different languages are involved in a project and you need to collaborate, imagery is the only language in common. Once Sean understood the whole scope of the project thanks to the Pinterest storyboard, I filtered down to only 7 images or so, placed them on top of the song in iMovie and spaced each of them out along the length of the song. This helped Sean gauge how much time to spend doing his time lapse sketches. He sent his finished video and I had to further shorten it. We got there though. Here’s the final video if you’re interested

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