My Adsense account is disabled and i need help please


yesterday my google Adsense disabled and I had a lot of money more than you can imagine in my Adsense account. please help me if there any method to get at least the earning of July
Please, Help!!!


You won’t want to hear this, but you’re most likely out of luck. Google is very harsh with Adsense.


When you are blocked google team send you an email with info about the reason for which you have been blocked. Try to resolve that issue and reapply.


if you find a way please also let me know. I’ve sent like 100 emails to them and they dont care :frowning:


Maybe try registering again on a proxy with different card?


Your money is gone adsense dont pay if they suspect you have sent bot traffic and block your domains and payment details


damn try emailing them hopefully they respond. why I got out of the adsense game long time ago


what if i changed the payment method ?


your domain and bank account and personal details are all dead to adsense you need new of each

your moneys lost as they class it as fraud


what if i changed the personal details and bank account , can i get the earnings of July then ?
i’m not planning to get my adsense account activated again all i care about is just earnings of JUly


Bro your july earnings are gone

Adsense refunds the advertisers when it suspect fraudelent clicks and suspends your adsense account


There’s no way to get your money from AdSense now. Only way you can try is go to nearest court and sue them for not giving you 68% share of the money they have charged from advertisers.


Bad luck. Google never care.