My customer has all she need for have BLUE Verification Badge

Hi community!

Since few months I have this idea flying in my head:

I want that one of my best customer get a blue verified badge.

Why exactly her?

-She is a model
-She is working in television
-She won few fashion shows
-She’s working with MotoGp

Now, the question is:
How Can I make money over it, and how should I send the Blue Badge verification request?

I’m managing her account using an IP from highproxies.

Thanks for the one will help me!


You can find how to apply for verification badge here:
Should be pretty easy to get one since she’s a public figure.

I think, at the moment, the best thing you can do for her is to move away from highproxies!


Find someone who does that.
Ask him or her how much s/he charges.
Add your profit margin.
Sell the service to your client.

That’s a pretty common way to make money in the service industry.
Make sure you find someone you can trust though… and it’s tricky for that specific service (and No, I don’t do it anymore as a service and I don’t have anyone to recommend :slight_smile: ).

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Best advice on this thread! :joy:


And move her to which proxies?

I’m interested to know!

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I am using too… I also tried to add Greencloudvps ig proxies, and after using them for just one day, I will never use them… Can you recommend one for me.?

I am personally using @HenryCooper proxies and they are great. I would definitely recommend them. They also have different tiers of proxies to suit your needs and budget. :slight_smile:


That’s a very difficult questions because depends on what actions you need to do, on your business typology and needs, on number of accounts that you are handling and on your budget.

Generally speaking you can classify them by the risk you run.

Blocks Risk

bad datacenter proxies: high to medium
good datacenter proxies: high to medium
bad residential proxies: medium
good residential proxies: medium to low
mobile proxies: no risk

Ban Risk

bad datacenter proxies: high
good datacenter proxies: medium
bad residential proxies: low
good residential proxies: no risk
mobile proxies: no risk

However, it remains clear that proxies are only a part of the game and the trust score is built by many other factors. You can find below someones and, in my opinion, the most important ones.

  1. Account Creation (how the account was created? was created in the same GEO of the actual proxy? etc.)
  2. Account Quality (real account? posting original contents? reposting? spamming? adult? etc.)
  3. Account n° of Actions (is account doing 100 actions per day? is doing 25000 actions per day?)
  4. Account quality of Actions (is account sending many DM’s and following 1000 people? or it’s only liking and seeing stories?)

If she has all of that coverage, you should be able to make this happen for free. It’s now open to the public: Instagram opens blue tick verification requests

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What is highproxies and why is it bad?

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y ? you don’t recommend to get the blue mark?

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