My engagement method didn’t reciprocate

I have been engage really hard on my target niche but they don’t engage back. I don’t how I can make my target audience engage my posts.

What niche? Have you tried asking questions?

My niche is health and wellness

That’s surprising. Normally this niche loves engaging. Can you try to make a few posts asking people about their diet, workout, lifestyle? Question first, then more of the post so they want to comment. I’ve honestly never met a vegan, crossfitter, yogi, whole 30, keto (insert whatever) who didn’t enjoy talking about their program.

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My account not entirely a health and wellness.

It’s a virtual assistant page where my target audience I want to service is female base businesses that includes health and wellness.

Engagement is tough to get now a days with IG dropping reach and trying to get us to advertise.

I would try out the giveaway method I recently wrote about: [STEP BY STEP GUIDE] How to Increase Engagement & Make Money on Instagram

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It sucks I am tempted to go back on engagement pod although I hate how fake it is honestly

Engagement Pod most likely will not help and will definitely not get you customers :grimacing:

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You will have to build a relationship with the people you engage. The generic approach is thing from the past. Also, try to remember the people you engage with and personalise the way you talk to them. There is no shortcut in this, if you want true engagement and real realations with your followers