My Facebook Strategy

Hey Guys,

We started last year with a lot of group posting…I mean really a lot! Like 600 hundred posts per day in targeted niche groups. However, you get a lot of spam flagging, even if you are posting top content. It is just to much or people simply are jealous or whatever. You lose accounts and do not have so much final engagement.

So we changed the strategy to PMs:

  1. One PM with Content
  2. One PM with a question
  3. If they reply - one PM with a promotion link

Works pretty good so far :slight_smile:

What are your strategies?


By PM you mean private messages ?

Your new strategy remember me of the way that Socedo works, have you checked it? the flow of interaction is very good, you trully engage with the user, and looks less spammy.
In the near future, I think I’m gonna do something like that with a MP account, and some automation in excel/db

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Strategy looks good. How many message per day are you sending if I may ask?

Can you give an example of a message on Step #1?

PM = Private Mesage
How many messages depend on how old your accounts are. But if they are around 6 Month old you can easily send 200 per day! Don not forget to use spintax, but my experience is that PMs are OK unless nobody hits the spam button.

Regarding to the messages:
The first one could be anything which is maybee a little bit relevant in your niche. So if you want to promote smoothiemixer, maybee you send a reciept about smoothies. Or just a video, a nice picutre or something like: "Hey Thanks for having me as a friend, maybee we could have a great realtion in the future - Wish you the best :slight_smile: "

Nobody will hit thats as spam…


hmm i dont know marinella i dont think that PM offers can work especially if you just build accounts and add unknown people maybe they are targeted and looking for your niche but who will accept offer from someone he/she dont know, if you can build relationship with this friends first you can get what u want but this going to take real long time to do
good luck

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hello. im new to this facebook marketing and i do realize if we just spam post on a group, its just a matter of time for our account to get banned.

so are you telling us that its better for us to extract members of specified group, and send them PM, if they response then we give the promotion link right ?

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Nice method Marinella, I tried something similar with Chihuahua shirts and I got engagement from the people but it was just so much work for me and I stopped it.

You can send PM to targeted group members, @Marinella said that’s she is getting good results so far so it must be working.

Yes, that’s what Marinella is saying here. Don’t forget to use spintext for your message though :wink:

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Is there a tool for managing the PMs from multiple accounts? Or do you just have to physically log into them one by one?

No, there’s no tool for that, you can go to the social account and click browse on each account and do it manually from within the embedded browser though. Just make sure that accounts is not doing anything else at that time as you’ll interfere with what it’s doing.

For sure there is a tool!!! That is what MP is al about.

You can go in one profile go to the contact section and type in your message sequenze. Than you can at the end of the page copy the settings to all other accounts.

Thats it…All accounts start to message users fully automatic.

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But seriously guys - What is your strategy?

How do you use MP?

I am curios :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand whice message do u send?
how do you use massplanner to send third and second messages?

In order to send message to group members for example, you will need the Contact Members extra module.

If you have it, please follow these steps:

1- Go to TOOLS and then click on your facebook account.
2- Go to Contact Tab
3- All you need to do here is enter the url of the group you want to extract and press start and wait for Mass Planner to get all the members in that group.
4- Go to Use members tab, and select all the members you want to send a message to.
5- Scroll down, write you message. Make sure if you send a message you send a very good one that doesn’t look like spam so you have a better chance of it being read, you can use spin syntax in the field however that’s only in case you send too many messages so facebook doesn’t see it as spam.
6- There’s an option to send a second message there after x hours.

If you don’t have that extra module, you will need to get it first


Hi Marinella,

You see PM
What’s PM= personal Messager?

think you

how do you even earn with that ? even if you message with like 100+ accounts to 2000 ppl it’s still REALLY low traffic , like maximum of 50-150 clicks per day because of click rate , i mean i dont know how are you promoting these but it must be hardly worth the time

depends what you are promoting, if you’re doing cpa and making 50 cents per offer probably, if you’re selling a service that goes for hundreds of dollars or any other number of high paying things you don’t need to contact a million people daily.


from my expierence it’s allmoast the same , as cpa offers convertes easy and sale offers converts a lot less so it’s still almoast the same epc. Either way if it’s working for you you must’ve found something amazing.