My first actual Jarvee journey

Hey Everyone,
Starting my jarvee journey, any tips on my way?
I know the basics… Going to try M/S on Instagram. Fresh proxies, vps and jarvee licence.
Gonna setup or buy a few scrapers.
Yeah, that’s it basicly :slight_smile:


You will find many valuable posts here about M/S and other pieces of the puzzle.
Stick with it! It will take a while, but it is interesting to “crack the codes”.
Read, read and read. The questions will come, we’ve all had them.

Good luck! Where are you going to get your proxies?

Welcome and good luck Cazeh :smiley: Yeah, those are the basics. Start slowly with your actions and scale them gradually. If you have any questions, there are always people who will step up and help you with your journey. Is the one I bought from right now. Otherwise, recommend any?

My advice is to try as many proxy providers as possible and test. Different proxies work with different accounts. So, one setup may work well but another may not if something is slightly different.

Id say for a beginner you want to stay away from DC for now. Lots of blocks. 4G is cheaper when running lots of accounts on one proxy but the more you run, the more risk there is.

Check the link in my bio. Its to a post I made on M/S

You can check out Public Marketplace - MP Social for other possible proxy providers available. Then for you to have a guide on how to test them, you may refer to [GUIDE] My Method To Pick The Best Proxy/Accounts Provider

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This is actually the best advice there is because during the process you’ll learn a lot about proxies, their quality, and which ones are the best for your needs.

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