My following grow just stopped

i used to get 100-200 new followers daily, one day its just stopped, I actually on -7 today (overall) my reach get low aswell, I used to grew only trough explore page no hashtags, stuck on 10.5 for 4 weeks now, before that 1k new followers every week, if anyone wanna see my @ and try to figure it out at least send me private msg :confused: Ty for. Who ever help

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What method you’ve been using for growth?

DM me your IG handle, will see if i can give you some hints

Same thing happened to me recently at 10,500 followers on my business page.

I just stopped for a couple of days, archived all my low performing posts from the last few weeks before the problem started, deleted any hashtags I thought were suspect, then started again with high engagement content.

I also used some £2 in app-boosts to help anything that wasn’t reaching 10% engagement rate, and took the chance to leave some useful comments on influencer and network posts - engaging with my community.

It could just be trial and error to get the page moving again.

^^^ That’s an important variable as well.

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repost art, tag 2-4 accounts, no hashtags, no f/uf , no mass like, no DM , grew honestly from explore page

send me your @ I will take a look as well.

Are you saying that you did these actions manually? Is there anything related to your account behavour that you personally think that could cause any issues when it comes to IG?

Did you make any changes in your strategy when you’ve noticed that?


Thanks Alexnvo with useful infos as always :pray: :pray:


As a follow up to this, in general, every account individually has its own seasons. This could be your account’s “January.”

In general, there are two causes of that significant decrease in follower growth: the account season referred to above, & direct score on your content.

If you ever received a flag “Post removed for Community Guidlines,” “Fact checker” or “Covid resources,” those impact your account’s explore score (the worthiness of making it to the explore feed)

The other cause, the account season, is largely determined by the size & space of your niche. The long story short, the same waters that lifts your boat must lift others. There are other accounts in the niche which “need” explore reach, but can’t do that while others are cannibalizing the space. Removing some accounts makes space for other accounts in your niche to enjoy the same rise in follower growth.

Assuming you did nothing wrong, its likely your account was removed to make room for others, what @Alexnvo also relatedly calls “January”

Following the assumption, your account will make it back sometime in the future. It’s just a phase of the season. Someone else’s “January” will be your “June.” Just make sure whatever you change doesn’t raise flags on your account.

Patience is your best friend here.

Best of wishes

[Source: Personal Observations & studies conducted within my own network matched with research]


Thank you for your wisdom🙏

I started upload 1 in day, much more breaks, more polls storys, and my followers actually start to build up back again just lately

You might just have answered a question that’s been bugging me for ages, thanks!

I’m in sport, so growth was crazy when our lockdowns ended and got a short competitive season. Now we’re back in another lockdown, it’s slow.

I knew about the seasons affecting reach etc, but hadn’t thought of seasonal growth within niches.