My slaves are getting banned too fast

Hi, can anyone please share their settings and maybe supplier for their slave accounts. I tried using a couple of suppliers & settings that I found on this forum but so far no luck. Slaves are all banned the next day. My profiles follow around 30-50 people daily with one or two reposts, my slave:main account ratio is 1:1 and they’re still getting banned the next day so obviously I’m doing something wrong.

30-50 daily follows + 1-2 reposts on each slave on day 1? Completely skipping warm up since you say they last 1 day? And you’re surprised that you get banned within a day?

This is the reason you get nuked. No settings or a supplier can make this work lol… I suggest you to read this and specifically pay attention to warm up phase. If you take your time with the accounts you’ll see success assuming your proxy is good and have half decent settings.


When I said slaves, I meant scraper accounts. Sorry, I now realize these are two different terms.

Ohh, that makes sense! Yea, you might need to take a look at settings, but it’s tricky nowadays to have them do alright.

Are you using different proxies for your Scrapers? It’s probably a good idea to change proxies used by accounts that got disabled.

Do you have api limits setup on scrapers?

you need at least 3 scrapers for each main 3:1 ratio and proxies then you can use these API limits settings


Yeah, good tip Luca. You need to make sure that you’re using these limits and delays settings or try with even more strict options.