(METHOD) M/S Master/Slave Mother/Child 2020

Hi guys!.

I discovered three month ago this automation world, I’m not a programmer, I’m not a computer specialist, (well…let’s say each day a bit more :rofl:), I didn’t know what a proxy was, etc.

After reading in MP a lot of threads + read + read + r e a d, I recently moved to the 30 accounts Jarvee plan. My goal: boosting an online decoration shop in one country, in one main IG account (the online shop) through a link (shopify) in bio.

First thing I had to decide was the method to execute. I read that a lot of users are having problems with strategies like writing directly the name of their main account in the bio of other accounts, or sending via DMs the link of the main account profile so what I finally found more secure was the Master/Slave (M/S) method without links, just follow back results.

Brief definition of M/S method, also called Mother/Child method: consist of a network of accounts called slaves that follow other users and after that, they send the follow back users to the main account. Then, your main account is only following those users that already followed your slave accounts, so you have more probabilities of follow back which mean more followers and engagement ratio to your main account:

Tool: online ratio calculator https://phlanx.com/engagement-calculator

The first problem was to create the new accounts. In my case, I needed 30 accounts, it is not a big number so it is preferable to take the time to create them manually through a mobile phone with 4G. I read a lot of outdated creation account methods (or maybe they didn’t work for me) but finally I found this:

by @Karthik_A

Your slaves can execute follow directly using the follow tool and its filters, but I prefer to use the “ScrapeTool - Extract followers usernames:” then, write your local competitors to get an CSV file with their followers. After that, I scrape manually the users applying my own filters. I only find a few threads talking about this last point so some of the steps that I am following are:

  • Delete IG business accounts and profiles with external url (shops usually don’t buy from other shops, that’s why we want real people).

  • Delete accounts with more than 7500 followings or a higher following number. It is really improbable that they are going to follow and in some cases they are bots.

  • If you want active followers analyze the date of the most recent posts of the scraped users.

  • Analyze private accounts and their data to discard fake followers and:

Accounts with 0 followers.

Accounts with no image in their profiles.

  • Analyze bio (delete accounts from non desired countries).

  • I’m not sure about this: obviously if you are running an account with 0 followers it is less probable that a +1000 account follows you, so maybe it could be useful to start following users that have less than1000 followers. What do you think?.

  • Add yours…

@imHugoLeandro wrote about how to manage scraped data using excel:

Before to start following users using the slaves you have to warm up them (one of the main issues in M/S method) in order to avoid blocks (for all accounts but especially for new slaves/accounts)

@Bartholomeo said in this thread (When to profile an Account?) that:

“Create acc > add profile pic with the “instagram startup tutorial” follow some people from suggested, save posts make a tour on the explore > wait 1/2 days login to new IP and sleep > day 2 slow story views > day 3 start slow follow tool with 1 follow hour (increase +1 every day till reach 30/h) and increase +15/day total actions till 600) > day 4 sleep, then put a random/rotating day of the week > day 5 active > day 6 add bio (though better not tagging in bio, in my opinion it’s only a fingerprint and not that much people click on it) sleep > go with warmup > wishing u many moni > buy a bottle of wine to wortime”.

@Taypher suggest on ([GUIDE] FOLLOW WARM UP for NEW ACCOUNTS):

“After creating your account using the 4G method, you could let it rest for 3 – 6 days before doing any actions. Some people can plug in right away and start doing actions and automation but I found the sweet spot for me was to start doing actions 3-6 days after creation. The period is called a warm up period because you won’t get a lot of followers from those settings. Its purpose is to build your accounts slowly for long term use.”

Now we can choose between and exponential or linear warm up when setting the follow tool, @roy explains here: Exponential vs Linear Warm-Up

“Week 1: increase follow +5 per day

Week 2: increase follow +10 per day

Week 3: increase follow +20 per day

Week 4: increase follow +40 per day

instead of this:

Week 1: increase follow +20 per day

Week 2: increase follow +20 per day

Week 3: increase follow +20 per day

Week 4: increase follow +20 per day”

Or as @Taypher said before:

“Instead of increasing the follows sequentially, you could lower it just some days to look more human.

For example,

Day 1: Follow 3-5 people

Day 2: Follow 5-15 people

Day 3: Follow 20-35 people

Day 4: Follow 5-10 people

Day 5: Follow 20-35 people

Day 6: And so on…

After Day 6, you would want to add 20-30 daily average follows till you hit your desired target.

At the end of the day, it’s about testing, testing AND testing and finding what works best for you.”

Then, we know how to increase gradually (or not) the actions of the slaves to start following without blocks, but we have to take in consideration other things. I mean, if we import all the username that we scrapped we are not going to follow from hashtags or from other sources and this can result in blocks.

@Karthik_A explains how to use sources to follow and like in a more human way:

Finally other ways of using M/S method:

by @powerlifter:

I plan to run this method using the EB for the shop account (main account) and for the slaves (have to test it) and probably, I will share the settings to contrast opinions.

I have a lot of issues to test and some questions are:

Is it better to only execute the following tool after the manual warm up on Jarvee or should my slaves execute also like, save and storyviewing?

Is it better to warm up the slaves using more than one follow source or not?

How many time do you wait between the creation of the slaves and to connect them to Jarvee?

How many time do you spend warming your slaves manually in Jarvee?

Finally, after the warm up, do you use only jarvee on your slaves or do you still doing some actions manually?, how frequently?

I will write tomorrow or whenever other thread related to giveaway strategy much more from my own and not only sharing other user’s threads (actually some of the best I find in MP reading and not asking things like: what is an api?, can I go to the toilet?, etc.).

I also hope that my manually scrape steps can be useful to someone and of course, please, add yours.

If you want to click on the heart I’m not going to say no :blue_heart: Thank you!.


Hey, if you don’t tag in bio, how will people find out about the mother account. Also what all action you suggest on the slave. By the way, great guide.

My target is just 100 new followers on a 16k account with new content being uploaded daily.

yes that should be good as well

using different tools will make the account look more natural

I don’t warm up the accounts manually I use the random actions tool and the follow tool to warm them up and it’s effective.

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It seems the OP wants his main account to follow his slaves’ followers in hopes of getting followbacks from those users. I’m not sure why he’s not using F/U directly on his main. He can always unfollow people who don’t follow him back after several days.

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