My Strategy With Pinterest + Massplanner

Hey guys, I just wanted to share what im doing with pinterest. Hopefully we can get some strategy discussion going. Also I have many health boards I can send invites to anyone interested in exchanging!

I posted my old method in a different post you can check out here- Different Strategies for Getting Pinterest Traffic

Here’s my traffic for March using mostly that strategy


For most of my accounts I have them set to follow between 45 - 100 people each day. When i get a new account I usually let them follow between 5 - 10 a day for a week then I increase by 15 or 20 follows a week.

Most of my accounts have a follow back rate of around 0.14 - 0.42. I started with massplanner in December and my original accounts now have around 2.5k - 2.8k followers.

I also unfollow people daily. My unfollow rates are lower, usually between 20 - 50 a day. When my accounts are new i dont unfollow anyone for at least 2 weeks. I set massplanner to only follow users more than 14 days old. I have no idea if the software actually does it but it seems like a good idea.

Somethings I found that help with gaining followers

  • Cute or funny profile pic
  • Pics of male characters don’t really do well
  • Identifying your sexual orientation in your bio seems to help (cis, gay, bi, pansexual etc)
  • Look at what other people are putting for their bios and write something similar


Recently, I’ve changed my traffic strategy. I dont think what I posted above was getting me enough reach and engagement on my pins. Also I was running the risk of sending so many of the same images out. You can see from the screenshot above my traffic is declining slightly this month.

Now I have 2 main accounts that I upload pictures from. These 2 accounts pin between 19 - 25 times a day on to 3 different boards that I own. 1 of these accounts has 2.8k followers and the other 3.8k

Next I set up 4 other pinterest accounts to repin the pins that my main accounts are doing. The main accounts also repin general images which helps the pictures stay separated on my boards.

You’ll see the same pictures on my boards but they’re pretty spread out and it looks natural. I also invite random people to pin on my boards to try and get them active as possible.

The above 4 accounts repin between 7 - 11 times a day. I have them set to repin on group boards that i’ve gotten invites on. These group boards have between 5k - 12k followers.

I think this new strategy will work for a few reasons

  • I’m sending out less of the same images each day
  • It will look like more accounts are engaging with my pins
  • I’ll be exposing my pins to more group boards without worrying about spamming

I think the next step is to get some more pinterest accounts liking and maybe even leaving comments, similar to how people do it on ig.

Currently I have a total of 14 Pinterest accounts and 6 are in use. I could probably take the other 8 accounts and spam my way to more traffic + more revenue, but im trying to stay under the radar. I’m violating their tos by uploading the same images daily so I need to be careful.

What do you guys think? Let me know if this was useful & if i should update with changes in my traffic or strategy.


How Do You Monitize Your Traffic ?!


Very intersting and congratulations.
The question is how you monetize your traffic redirected to site?

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I’m using adsense guys! I also have amazon affiliate product review on my site but most of the traffic goes towards adsense

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May I ask what kind of content you have on your site?
Just articles fitting to the pictures or something else?

i’m in the health niche so I have health related articles on my site. I also create custom infographics based on the articles that I write and pin them. This is why I mention in the op i’m using the same pictures over and over since its costly to get more pictures all the time.

I’m interested in exchanging!

I’m also interested in exchanging boards in health and fitness niche.

Sent you guys both pm’s!

@vegapunk How many account do you run to get the 6K sessions ?

Also the accounts are fresh ?

Before I was posting 10 - 20 times a day with 6 different accounts to a bunch of different group boards. Now i’m doing the strategy in the op with only 2 accounts.

I got most of the accounts back in December so about 4 months old

You join the groups manual ?

As I found out about PinGroupie, but this the only thing I know about groups on Pinterest

i think its mostly luck, the more people you follow and more repins you get, the more random board invitations get sent to you. I also invite a ton of random people to boards that I own in order to make them bigger.

I haven’t heard about PinGroupie, what’s it do?

Sent you a PM as I think its better to ask you on private to not spam the topic :slight_smile:

How do you avoid bot users , massplanner does not have features like it has for Ig on pinterest … I have seen on 3 accnts i run much better follow back rate than ig.Also i go from residential ip 400 follows first day fresh account no issues.

I don’t really do anything to avoid bot users, so i’m sure some of my followers are bots. but I dont think its a huge deal since my accounts get group board invites and repins fairly easily.

For my following sources i only use active boards that are related to my niche. Before i was using keywords as a source which i think gets lower quality users. But following from an active group board seems to work pretty well

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@tommy asked: In the thread you say that you use only active group boards. So, how do you know if the board is active or not?

There are probably better ways but i just look at how often people are adding pins. I also look to see if only the board owner is pinning or if multiple people are keeping the board active. The more people participating the better.

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Im also interested in exchanging boards :slight_smile:

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sounds good sending you a message

“ I have them set to repin on group boards that i’ve gotten invites on.”

Hi you got invited to the group boards for your main accounts, then repin your pins of the group boards by the bot accounts?

I use the similar strategy with you, the viewers of main accounts get increased, but the engagement dropped. Yes, dropped during the passed March. So there are less visitors to my site.

And after I used the bot accounts, I stopped the main account’s activities such as pin, repin, join group board. I will restore the previous activities of the main accounts.