My Theory on What is Really Going On


I’ll leave it to you, team. It just means that I can help you all out more as our methods are no longer as secretive. I’m happy to leave a room for you all in the industry! :slight_smile:


We’re charging commission on ad budget, free set up and market research. It may be a slightly higher spend, but the results are worth it.


Yes we started to move to paid Ads for likes. But for growth is there a method to grow an IG account with paid ads?


Don’t need to use proxies… Use your wifi network or 4g network


How many followers can you get per $ on average? I know it’s hard to generalize, but it’s just to have an idea!


I appreciate the curiosity, but I’d never place myself under that kind of public accountability.

We can chat privately if you’d like me to do a personal analysis of an account of yours, and we can discuss setting up a test run with minimum spend.


are you doing everything manually now? how is that workign for you?


Have you experienced lower reach/engagement if you stop spending on ads?



  2. Mark Zuckemberg ANGRY


@Cindy please see my recent thread for answers.


I agree. Instagram has been aware of automation for years now and it is just now for some reason that they are trying to actively stop it. Probably like you said because people are getting more and more unhappy getting followed by bots.


They have a balance between growth and profitability. They are moving toward the latter and want quality and then profits.


Why have not used the AC BAN when in 2016/2017 forced all bot/automation pages for instagram to close ?. Before they couldn’t control the botting and now they could??? …


They have been working on it for years. They might not have acted because the automation gave inflated numbers and engagement which drives more sales.


I have a theory Maybe Instagram is the one who lunched and own JV !!! I mean why not? think about it guys. If I was Mark z I would’ve probably done it!!


Indeed, @DanielAdmin is Zuckerberg

He created Instagress too, and shut it down too a long time ago


With all due respect @DanielAdmin

You look like a psychopath in that image.


Yesterday I was watching tv (sometimes I do it :rofl:) and they was talking about fake news, how to make laws to control it and eliminate it, cause it’s a problem influence people bla bla bla
Anyway talking about this they said that governments were able to “force” Google, Facebook (instagram) and all the others to fight actively the diffusion of this kind of news, starting whit the removal of the many fake account their platforms are full with.
So maybe they are targeting bot not for marketing, business and co. but just cause they have to, in order to fight these things and make the various governments happy (and far away from their business) this could also explain why not all the profile are involved and why they don’t just shut down automation.
Probably they don’t even care too much I don’t think some botted accounts could really damage the billions dollars Facebook business; on the contrary the major part of the botted account stay behind real users, produce contents, have fans, in other words they help instagram keeping peoples on the platform so are more useful than damaging for them.
And in my opinion the m/s method was the worst thing to made (and to make), they became little stricter whit automation, so peoples start creating thousands of fake accounts, why it should bring any improvements?


Hi, i was referred to you from another user about setting up your own 4g proxy? im planning on buying a VOXI sim and either buying a sim dongle for my raspberry pi or an old android phone, itll be used with jarvee to run 7 different accounts, VOXI offers unlimited data for social media, would it still work through jarvee, what software would i use for a proxy for the raspberry pi and how would i set that up? sorry for asking so many questions but id really like to set this up and any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.


Not really an IG’er, but the truest thing said was the goal is to keep users on the platform as long as possible. That has been the #1 rule for every platform. Great thoughts @embraceone