My Theory on What is Really Going On


I think Pinterest has a bigger female userbase. I, and many other of my friends, go there instead of to IG for fashion, DIY, wedding inspo and recipes. I think there’s a lot to win there!


100% they’re cracking down gearing up for the 2020 elections


The MS method has been around for years, literally 3+ years.

Was heavily used back in my CPA days when doing “free giveaways” etc. Accounts would grow to 10,000 followers within just a few weeks, maybe 2 weeks and up to 20k etc. However back in those days we didn’t care for the follower count, only how many installed our apps for them .40 cent conversion! Then the account “main” account would get banned, rinse and repeat. (never tried unbanning them tho back then as I didn’t care, could just make a new one).

Not many knew about it as most just added links to all of their accounts and got bans, etc. The key was to add a link to one account, then promote via the slaves, it was not called anything in particular either back then haha.

Just sayin!! :slight_smile:


When follow / unfollow hit the scene the first time bloggers picked it up. Guess who got banned? Instagress and eventually Mass Planner.


It may not be a goldmine for clients but It would certainly be one for client managers. There are plenty of Pinterest users with almost no options when it comes to management services. I personally gained 10k followers on Pinterest in a week using Jarvee’s current capabilities - I was surprised at just how far I could push my activity on the daily. They were however extremely loosely targeted and a lot of them were other spam accounts which latched onto my activity.

If we could do on Pinterest what we can with IG, there would be a legitimate service offering in that.


Absolutely. this is happening due to 2020 Elections only. Facebook was blamed last time as it was misused during campaigns. Now they have made strict validation on ads too, affecting small business.


True lol and I remember you from the og chat :slight_smile: Then 1 day you just disappeared. Now I see the reason why. Stay silent and bank hard.


Actually they can 100% detect automated browsers. It’s known in the browser world. Chrome, Firefox etc when you look inside the application code, there is a feature in there that allows the website to tell whether the program is using automated controls like selenium.


And normal people don’t use Selenium :joy:
Who the fucks uses that shit!? I’m Internet user sinse 2010 and only heard of Selenium last 3 months when started learning python and botting…
So make it 200%


All of the automation/botting applications use a variation of it. Loaded java browsers. Not just selenium. The whole concept relies on making a browser seem “as human as possible” issue is that you have to use some form of browser or API and because IG built the network/application they obviously have ways and means of detecting this.


I used M/S on my Instagram Account for about 2 years with only 3 or so slaves and I was able to build my following to the point where I was featured on a blogpost called ‘The Top 20 Pianists of Instagram’ without even knowing it.

The method I used to hook people in was quite effetive and it actually got me a massive following which was specific to my industry. I’ve lost about 20k of those followers over the past year or two but retained most of them. Unfortunately I changed my Insta username so am unable to benefit from the features I received, but it was worth it and I could do it again any time. There’s no better method to grow but it obviously gets riskier as you go on as your reputation is at stake. There are of course ways around that though.

It’s interesting that you say your main accounts were banned as a result as I never had that issue.


Your Main Account got banned for M/S? How did that happen? I haven’t heard of that so far.


As far as I understood he said that the mother was build with slaves and CPA giveaways were done on the mother account itself. So the ban was not caused by the M/S but by the actions on the mother acccount.


This is a very interesting view. I really enjoyed reading it and it totally makes sense to me! Thank you for that interesting share


What does M/S mean?


Master and slave
Same as mother child or army and soldier or whatever


If I were Instagram I would just open my own software like Jarvee. Or even start their own F/UF service that only they operate.


Can’t say I’ve heard of the army and soldier method. :laughing:


I have this discussion with my business partner often. Can you imagine they did exactly that and then once they accumulated say, 100k subscribers, they just banned every single one of their accounts? That would be the end of Instagram automation.


M/S is my fallback if things don’t get better, something like this would scare me.