Near immediate ban on account

Hello everyone!

So I am just getting into Pinterest and decided to set up a network based around my company to drive traffic.

Today I set up my first bot account. I used a phone verified email, used a proxy, and manually created everything. Made up name, handwritten bio, real profile picture, hand created 9 boards of all different niches. Then I started to set up the autorepin, I felt like I was starting very conservatively. Only auto pinning 1-7 pins a day for each board.

I also started F/U at 200 a day with sleep time and everything.

I had the account running for maybe 20mins and then I get “account suspended” error and now nothing.

Any idea where I could have went wrong?

There was a huge crackdown on Pinterest recently, they wiped out thousands of accounts. Perhaps this is a continuation of that.

Did you get in contact with them?

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They have also banned two of my accounts!Fortunetly they reactivated one the accounts.

The reason for me it was “spamming”. I had repinning settings going from 6-12 pins per day/per board.So Pinterest really cares about how many repins you repin a day.
Right now,I have a rule that no matter how many boards I have,I`m going to repin no more than 30 repins per day combined on all boards.