Nearly a month without any BLOCKS and AC message

Hi everyone, this is the first time I’ve written a topic and my main language is French because I come from Montreal but I’ll do my best.

First of all, the hard times are finally behind us and congratulations to all those who have held their courage and continued to learn and adapt even in difficult times. We all lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this date that turned us all upside down in early June.

Maybe this topic has already been discussed (if yes my mistake) but I am so happy that why not start a positive topic and help each other as much as possible here!

I’m not going to show my settings publicly but if someone wants a screen shot it will be my pleasure to send it to you (and yes for FREE not like the scammers who start topics and ask for money)

Here are for my Proxies (I have 2 computers running 24/7 this is only the second one)

30 accounts | 4G Raw mobile from @HenryCooper (6 to10 accounts per Proxy)
4 accounts | with Mobile 1:1 @HenryCooper
10 accounts with DC Proxies

All accounts follow/unfollow on EB.
Low setting | first day: 10-15/day increase by 10-20/day

Please don’t judge the follower increase haha the screen shot is from today 2 hours after jarvee reset!

I often have small temporary blocks, but still there you log out, clear cookies and log in and it’s time to play. It’s so funny that even with the DC Proxies I don’t have a lot of issues! Throughout the month of September I had no customers who received the AC message and God knows it’s reassuring and it avoids losing frightened customers

There is no real secret except that you have to test and create your own path to success because my settings could work as the opposite for you. You have to work everyday and check all your accounts

Here is a screen shot one account settings. Please if you have something to give me or change, don’t hesitate!

Again, for me only with EB is working fine!
I try for weeks with API and never had good results.

On this account I got check
-Use alternative embedded browser coockies storage
-Optimize api call to do more actions

I test through my accounts half with these settings and the other half without, I don’t know why but with some accounts I got less blocks with the API CALLS , can someone explain me this haha?

Also, for my clients I’ll give you some tips to tell them in the contract :slight_smile:

1-How many followers I’ll get a day?

There are many variables that influence growth and are beyond our control. We cannot guarantee exact growth or a specific number.
On average, a customer with quality content gets between 10-150 followers per day

2- Is this service reliable?

We are proud to say that we have never seen a customer lose their account. We are proud of our innovative techniques and the quality of our services. As part of our quest for organic growth, we are also proud to say that our service complies with the terms and conditions set by Instagram. (feel free to change it)


You can cancel your subscription or free trial at any time (if you give free trial). We operate on a monthly basis and will continue to grow your account until the end of the billing period.

4- privacy notice

In the context of (your company), we acknowledge that we will have access to sensitive and confidential customer information and we undertake not to: a) transmit such information; b) publish such information; or c) disclose such information without prior authorization. D) Never change personal information such as the Instagram password or user name.

Good continuity to all of you, hoping to have given you some hope if I am a really normal but dedicated guy who has never given up and who still manages to get customers and bring results with the passion to learn every day! :slight_smile:


Not sure if you clients want their names to be exposed here

Thanks! I went to fast, Juste change it

Yeah you’re pretty much exposing your clients here :thinking:. Congrat on your month of no blocks though

Yes thanks for the remark !just change the screenshots

Love the positive post!

May I ask what you are currently doing when an account gots a temp block - you log out and log in - and it follows a few people and got a block again. So the accounts remaining in the action block over and over again??

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Btw i close all windows and I feel like this is speeding up my vps plus working perfectly

Thanks for share :wink:

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My pleasure!

The settings are juste a part of the success but for now I think i’m doing great without blocks and AC message. If you still have blocks let me know maybe is something else than the settings.

I sent you a message :slight_smile:

Awesome man! Would you mind sending me the screenshot of your settings as well? Would highly appreciate it!

Also, how high can you go or is 200f/day still the maximum for you?

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Great to hear you’ve been doing well. Do you use separate accounts to scrape or do you do it with the current ones? Have you noticed differences between proxies?

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This is great :slight_smile: Would love to see your settings if that’s possible? Thanks for the awesome info!

Send me a message I will send you a screen shot! I don’t go high on follow for now! I prefer working long therm and be safe than short therm and be block! Try my settings and let me know. Start slow 10-15 and increase :slight_smile:


Yes inbox me ! The settings are juste a part of the success but for now I think i’m doing great. If you still have blocks let me know after trying mines, maybe is something else than the settings

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Only with the current ones, I’ll have to try this week with scrape accounts and test. Again testing testing testing is the key :slight_smile:

When I got block instead of getting mad I try to find a solution.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

That’s a nice run :slight_smile: Since sept/october, blocks seems to be rare and that is really cool !

Your settings look good, except for some inconstancy i’d give my opinion :

  • Why would you check “Optimize API for more API call actions” when you’re going full EB ? I would uncheck this.

  • Why would you “Reset cookies” after Log OFF and Log back IN ? These 2 steps are the same, do 1 or the other one, but maybe not both :slight_smile: Basically, a log OFF and back IN is enough.

  • I would not F/U at the same time ; eventhough it works, it can raises flags !



Thanks denis :slight_smile:

You will save me time haha ! And for the F/U i’m testing both and for this month there is not a big difference. Maybe long therme. If you can send me your Unfollow setting it would be very kind.

thanks for sharing mate !!! can I have your follow /unfollow settings ?

Thank you !!!