Nearly a month without any BLOCKS and AC message


Yes send me a message brother


Is there harm in checking optimizing api call when using only eb?


No, but it makes no sense :relieved:

It’s like saying press the accelerator of your car when walking :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing man!

Are you running with a nightmode?


Are you sure? Because i think you are too. Show them by PM or post them here directly is the same thing. I am not interested on them, btw.

Normal they dont receive it, the maximum Follows that some account of you have performed is = 766 Follows, this Forum is getting more ridiculous each day.

I only need to see your IG Profile for know your knowledge.


Could help with scraping maybe?


How many follow/unfollow per day do you advise? Thanks!


Great post. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing Sebastien


Thanks for sharing! What is your warmup routine?


You can ask anyone lol , I gave all the info I know and try to make contacts/friends to help eachother in private .

@Luffy , @tuuliuk , @samsam09 @xujambambam , @andbogi @hampani @LanceParrish @Konte_Konte and ever more people.

Just relax with your attitude i’m juste trying to help and there is my personal IG : sebas.hamel but I don’t use JV with , I have the budget to run ads


Thank you so much for the help. This looks very good.


That is true, he shared his settings with me in a private message. Thanks mate!


Scraping is not a must :slight_smile: It helps, but it’s not mandatory !


True, got all the info + helped me with extra tips!


Amazing! Thanks for posting :zap:

I’d really appreciate it if you could send me your settings screenshot please.

Thanks so much for your help! :raised_hands:


Hi Sebastien!

Congrats on no blocks for a month! Please could you send me your settings screenshots?

Thank you!


can you share the settings with me as well. I would really appreciate that


Thanks for sharing clear cookies. I was looking all time for this and I just did it with reset id. But this is not so a good solution I think reset Cookies and Proxie Ip after a log out and log in will help. Thank you I will Try it.


I would like to have 2. @Sebastien_Hamel