Nearly a month without any BLOCKS and AC message


No problem! Also everybody it’s one of my settings, I’m always testing and doing F/U not at the same time. But at the same time for now it’s seems to be working as good!

Testing is the key


Yes, DM me :slight_smile:


Yes send me a message bro!


Yep send me a message plz


Hi @Sebastien_Hamel !! Respect for what you are doing!! Thank you for this post!! I have send you a msg😉


im doing 800/follow a day but not with J im using a private software, but i’ve seen people doing the same numbers with J so maybe instagram algo started adjusting & adappting ?


I think so, it’s really odd with new accounts I can do some huge follows, and with trustable accounts not that much. If you can DM me to talk about your private software?


im using aged accounts connect to facebook page which give more trust to the account.
i’m sorry i can’t share the soft im using for the moment !


I thought about doing this for my accounts.

Basically create a my accounts in the same breath as a Facebook account and then link them.

Do you buy those accounts or create them yourself.


it doesnt matter if both the accounts are created at the same time, i buy aged accounts and link them to fresh or aged facebook accounts & Create IGTV channel for extra trust.


That only temporarily boosts the trustscore of the account, and blocks return in a couple days. There are couple ways of linking your IG to a fb account, but as mentioned after testing it on a large group of accounts over a 3 week period, absolutely no difference when compared to accounts that didn’t get linked.

It does give you an advantage of being able to follow particular accounts without getting blocked, but they won’t be targeted users. In the end, didn’t find it worth it.


Have been wondering on this for a while,thanks for sharing


Because he’s not going full EB.

He’s using the API by default to scrape.


Great to see that you resolved your blocks. Thankfully there is more people posting about their success instead just of their problems. That normally draws a really grim picture about the situation, while in reality quite a “few” people get along without problems.


I have sent you a pm.
Would love to check your settings!


I got over 10 accounts blocked and some have been over a month still not recovered. Would using proxies help…I think they must have my IP blocked as I added 2 new accounts and within 1-2 days they were blocked. What is a DC Proxy? What proxy providers do you recommend?


Change the PW pf the ACC that are still not recovered from long term blocks. this shout fix it


Hey mate, could you DM your settings? Congrats on your recent success!


Hello @Sebastien_Hamel thanks to your topic, i am very happy to read and learn about your experience.
I have a question about your 4G Mobile proxies: do you recommand this kind of proxies ? Is it the most safe solution for automatisation on instagram in 2019 ?
Could you send me a screenshot of your settings ? I will appreciate a lot.
Thanks you in advance


Great man, amazing to hear that some really found away to break through this Blocks issues.

Would be amazing if you could share your setting via dm with me. :pray: