Nearly a month without any BLOCKS and AC message

great job man!

Hey, how are your actions, still running without any blocks?

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props to OP if its still no blocks and ACs as of today, but take it with a pinch of salt because around 2 weeks ago, so 2 weeks after this post was published there were no blocks. (almost no blocks)

Great value, thank you!

Great one! sent you a pm to know your settings :slight_smile: thanks mate

Hey @Sebastien_Hamel check your inbox :slight_smile:

I sent you DM :crossed_fingers:t3:

Can I get the settings please?

Not sure if you accidentally posted the wrong screenshots - but the accounts you posted haven’t even done my daily limits in their lifetime. They are all brandnew. The accounts you have posted are definitely not something to brag about.
I mean - my clients wouldn’t get AC messages either if I don’t actually work on their accounts.
Just my 2 cents…

Can you share your settings with me?

pls send me the settings

Thank you very much for information, it is very useful. Have a nice day!

Hmm, sounds good. I really want to see the settings…!

Thanks in advance


Can you share your settings with me?

Also me, I would really appreciate seeing your settings :slight_smile:

Why is everyone asking for settings on a month old post?

I didn’t get any blocks that month up until the 508 errors/action blocks

every month is really different and I doubt there aren’t any blocks right now.


thats literally Level 1 topic in a nutshell, then they open another post complaining about why post was moved to lvl2

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very interested in your settings and purchasing some of the proxies you use lol

Hi, Can I have your settings and what proxy do you use? thanks :slight_smile: