Nearly a month without any BLOCKS and AC message

Hello, anybody using API for actions again?)

I’ve been using API for the past week and no issues so far (I switched from Residential to 4G Mobile proxies though as I didn’t want my client’s accounts compromised).

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yes mate on 2000 Accounts. already since over a month using only api

You use that option “use only API to save bandwidth” or you just dont limit the actions to EB/API? Because Im trying to get API working but somehow it still gets me some blocks. Using own 4G proxies

A HUGE congrats! I would be definitely interested in your settings if you could DM them to me.
I am constantly fighting the 168 and 508 error codes, so it must be something with my settings.
Thank you!

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Great! Congratulations on this achievement.
I would love to know your settings
To see if it looks like mine.

Thank you

holee-fuck… ill try with three of my accounts since EB wont do jack shit

Sorry all , trying to respond as fast as I can on the private messages! I got so much inbox haha

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Finally I see someone , who wins this fights at least somehow and at least for sometime. That’s amazing! Congratulations!

P.S.: would be great to see your settings in PM if you be so kind :slight_smile:

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Send me a DM brother

You seems to have a good strategies in battling IG problems …
Mind sharing your setting and some methods? Please …
Really appreciate your time …

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Thanks for the share! Great and positive post!

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send me a DM bro!

I was running smooth for entire September, but since October started I’m seeing a lot of temp blocks on in MP (in phone ok). You seeing any increase in temp blocks recently?

Same here. Last week been tough.

Yeah in the past week, logout and login hasn’t been as effective (still working) and neither has password changing or proxy changing. September was great.

Can you share the settings with me? @Sebastien_Hamel

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Thank you for this post, I guess this is what we all we needed to read or see.


PS I sent you I message if you are willing to share your settings.

Thank you.

Best Regards

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yes send me a DM

Can I get the settings please?