Nearly gave up, returned and am getting results


I almost gave up on automation, about 4 months ago i got back into the game after about 1 years rest, unfortunately i got back to a disaster as the new changes had been made.

I was probably still in the old mindset and doing too many actions per hour/day and i had many blocking issues, compromised device, the same crap everyone is going through well i had it.

I had a break, researched and came back prepared. I wanted to test the scraper/master method, ive been running OK for 1 week now. Major progress from previously.
Im running the main account off my home IP, untill i get my own 4g dongle setup, reason im not using a proxy is im in a location where good proxies are not available, i dont want to be doing actions from another country then posting from mine. The plan is to move into 4g asap though and any master accounts will run off 4g.
The slave is on a proxy as to not cause too many actions on my home IP, once 4g is setup on the main account then i can take the slave off of a proxy and run from my home IP as it will not be used by my master acc anymore, i am providing this info so you understand what im doing.

Some specifics
Im using socialgrowth Quality tier proxies for the slave.
Im only following 130 a day between 6am and 10:30pm and unfollowing 60, half my followers are private so i dont need to unfollow as many as i follow.

IMPORTANT: I believe this is where many go wrong, you have to set your scraper account up to filter the way you normally would IE: dont follow private account, dont follow accs with email, these filters all need to be done on the scraping account and you have your main account do ZERO filters, picture below. It means your main account is doing nothing but following the filtered users its being passed too from the scraper. The main account should do 1 action only. It should NOT be looking for private users etc, it only follows


The goal is to slowly build up to 190 followers and 90 Unfollows, i believe 300 is the daily max and we should stay below it.

My accounts are all atleast 5 years old, been warmed up years ago and now running again.

I am not saying you will all have success with this, but with my account i either got lucky, or the system can be beaten.

Remember start slow, if youre accs are newer than mine then start at following less than 100 a day and build.

PS: I use to run 70 accounts, realise i only started with 1 this time, perfect the process with 1 account and move one, you can do multiple tests at a time but i would suggest not trying to run multiple accounts at the start

I will also link at the bottom my account settings.

I hope someone can get some info from this.



Wow that sound really complicated and at anything you risk losing those accounts…
I am like you, return after a over a year and i am shocked by how social media become. Anyway i will try follow your advice and tips to restar from zero


It seems complicated but its not too bad, use scraper to send accounts to main account, main account does nothing but follows the accounts its sent.
Scraper does all the filtering IE non private users, only follow last XX amount etc. Slave does all master or main acc just follows.


Well well honestly i have no idea about Scraper and how to do it ?
is there any video or link i can follow up to see how to use scraper to send accounts to main account.

Due long time far away from internet those methods never heard of it but i will be thankful if you give me a hand of help, i attempted create afew instgram account and follow and do some quick actions but result was bann, i re-created another one with facebook with has over 20K Follower and only 2K Show up in instgram once i posted link of dating, accounts fallen down

are you still using mp for this game?
how about accounts, shall we buy them to run them to get some traffic…


Wow finally a positive thread that make us not forget that it’s either this or flipping burgers

Want to adk you some question :slight_smile:
-Do you use api or eb ?
-for intervals you make pauses example 6:30-7:45 pause till 12:00…
Or simply 6:30-10:30
-do you use other tools like,comment…and you think they are necessary to get thing workin ?
-what about action you take when you get blocks ?


I second these questions

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Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.

Keep going. :+1:


That comment was supposed to be replied to this thread. It’s late… Haah


  1. I use API, in one of the photos you will see full API emulation ticked
  2. I make no intervals i run all day.
  3. I dont use other tools, i believe even at these limits we are pushing the limit, i would stop the bot for 15 minutes before even posting from my phone.
  4. I have had zero blocks in 7 days doing what i have described above.

Hope that cleared things up, its all about the master accounts doing the least possible action, preferably only following from target list, i believe the biggest mistake people are making is possibly making the master do actions like check if profile is private etc, your scraping account should be doing that for you.


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Yes , i would buy aged accs atleast 4-5 years old, as i said my accounts have been warmed up in the past, so i would start very slow with fresh accounts but i believe it would work.

Thanks bro, ill keep on pushing through! :sunglasses:



Please, edit both your replies to not mention any software names,

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Done, sorry about that.


Can you post a pic of your follow tool settings?

congrats on getting 1 page working on your Home IP
Let me know how scaling goes

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Done, Pardon us if we though its allow to mention names of software to clarifiy what we talking about

Thanks man, i will be switching to 4g on my local network will be an improvement from my home IP, no blocks so far.
Going to start scaling over the weekend after setting up 4g. Will update


Good post. I’ve recently setup the Main and Scraper on my 3 main accounts and also followed directions to run the api full emulation. But I’ve still been getting blocks. I didn’t turn off all the filters on the main accounts though. So I’ll try this.

Possibly rest the accs, yes turn off all filters on main acc, thats your problem no doubt, its imperative we do 1 action only on the main acc which is follow the already filtered scraped users.

We have to understand that if the main acc is checking for instance if user is private, thats adding another task or action for the main acc, if you have too many actions then you get blocked.
I believe the trick is the main acc does nothing but follow.
Please report back

If you think im going to scale on my home IP then you got me mistaken, ill be putting all main accs on 4g, im not that silly.