Necessity of proxy for freelance social media marketers?

Hey! We are a freelance Social Media Marketing Agency based in India. We are handling clients from foreign countries like Australia, Hong-Kong etc. We login to their accounts through multiple devices from India and our clients are also using the same accounts from their own countries. Sometimes their accounts have to go through verification checks because of this. What kind proxies would you suggest us to use and how ? Is proxy location has to be somewhere in the clients’ country ? Given we are using their accounts to mere posting contents. We are not automating any of them.

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That depends on the client requirements. There is some cases where a proxy location can “lock” you into troubles, but in most of the cases that is not an issue. For logging in the clients accounts you can just use a VPN service from their location.

In case you really want to pick a proxy, try to stay away from rotating proxy service. Most of the times this practice is used to “hide” overselling and is a sign of poor quality. A dedicated mobile proxy does not need any forced rotation.


I would suggest you use mobile proxies. The proxies don’t need to have the same location as your clients.

You may want to check out this thread: There are so many proxy providers out there. Which is your favourite one? There’s lots of good information there.

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