Need a Pinterest virtual assistant

Hi I am a travel blogger looking for some to help me grow my Pinterest account and get me more followers and traffics to my blog.

I am looking for a Virtual assistant to help me with this and DM me if you are interested.

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Have you tried Tailwind? I don’t have a VA, and have a bunch of other irons in the fire, but use TW. Just using their basic functions (No Tribes, no Group boards), I grew to 300k+ monthly viewers and 15k+ engaged viewers spending just a half hour a week (less that 60 days). Their blog is really awesome, and their email newsletters have a ton of info.

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what is your pintrest account

No way in heck am I giving out an account on an open forum. That is an awesome way to have your account spammed. Just find an account that has the same type of stuff you are selling, and “model” the most successful ones.

what you mean

Here are 3 top travel Pinners:

Make a similar account to theirs. If they have a board on something, you make a similar board. Look at their pins (not re-pins, but pins from their site) and make similar pins. Make your description similar to theirs, and use their #'s. Make your pin look similar to theirs.

Every couple of days interact with other travel pin accounts (and the people that follow them). Follow, comment on their stuff. No need to go overboard, just need to make your account look like it is a real account.

Just doing this will organically grow your account, as you are following what Pinterest has already rewarded with traffic.

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Do you manage Pinterest accounts for other people

hello. I have a few Pinterest suggestions for you. I think it will be helpful for you

have you worked with any bloggers or travel bloggers

Pm me we already talked on skype i can help you :slight_smile:

Hey MrBrad do you use a tool to discover top Pinterest accounts or is it just your manual searches on Pinterest?

Manual. I don’t use any automation tools. I don’t consider JV automation as all it does is asked pins and is an approved 3rd party app.

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What do you look for in a profile to emulate?

Do you avoid big corporate brand profiles?

I look for an account I want to be like. Large # of followers, regular pinning, and links to a store or product like mine. If it is a big corporate, so be it. Generally, though I like to stick with niche bloggers, as they are going to pump out fresh content regularly, Let them do the hard work, of topic selection, KW research, and then make your own take on it into your own pin.

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