Need for scraper accounts?

Hi folks…back after about 11 months of a jarvee/IG break…I have about 20 accounts…never really done the mother child method or “Scraper” accounts. I just have tried to grow all the accounts equally.

Can someone explain to me why they would use another “scraper” account to grow the main account, and what they would be “Scraping”

Couldn’t you just set jarvee to like, follow, etc whatever you want on the main account? I am sorry for the uneducated question. thanks in advance for the answers

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You should use a scrape account, you don’t want the main account to do the searching, or else a lot of API calls will be done and it will be flagged by IG.

Yup, my articles will help you!

can I have scraper accounts that scrape for a variety of different accounts, or does it need to be a 1:1 ratio

You can do both, it’s up to you

it doesn’t have to be a 1:1 ratio. If you have a few main accounts that have same niche and target accounts, you can use 1 scrapper account to send the extracted users to those main accounts. If their niches are different, then you need more scrapper accounts or you can use this alternative method:

WIth this method you should set at least a third of your accounts to scrape.

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