Need help! What's the best content and social media strategy for my business?

Hey guys! Awesome community here!

I am struggling to come up with social media marketing strategy for a small business I work for. We repair technology, such as drones, computers, mobile phones and game consoles.

The bits I am struggling with:

  • What kind of content should we create on social media as being in tech repair we wan’t to attract the right kind of audience, people that have something broken and need to fix. And with the sea of fitness and food being overwhelmingly popular on social it’s hard to get creative and leverage the attention.

  • What is the best network where we could find our audience? How would you approach the research in profiling where potential customer is?

  • How to appear in potential customer’s feed? What creative strategies we can use on social? e.g.: following/unfollowing on Instagram, who to follow (industry leaders?), which pictures to like?

I know I have to do my own research and test everything to see what works, however with so many awesome people over here just looking to brainstorm for ideas and to pick everyone’s brain on how to market a technology repair company.


We know!!!


Why only them? If i break something, 9/10 times i know in 1 sec where i have to go to fix it. Dont only target them! Target at all the people in your niche. They have to know you for the moments they really needs you guys!

So also make some great explanation videos about the stuff you repair when its not broken yet:)[quote=“d3siner, post:1, topic:19221”]
hard to get creative and leverage the attention.

Make some videos how people can fix the simple stuff themselves. So they know where to go with complicated stuff.[quote=“d3siner, post:1, topic:19221”]
What is the best network where we could find our audience


Just use MP to use them all and test the shit out of it! Then you can see what platform suits you at the end.[quote=“d3siner, post:1, topic:19221”]
What creative strategies we can use on social?

Try to hink outside the box. But you can start with the usual stuff. Target quality accounts where you think your followers are.

And read,read, read at this forum. You can use the search function and you will find so many good quality stuff!

Good luck!


Thanks for the answer! What MP would you suggest to use that currently offers best ROI?

It’s so fckin hot in Netherlands now…Pfff, cant think normal:)

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What kind of customers you have now? What age? Gender?

Mostly male age 25 to 45.

Explanation videos are great. Use topic bridging, so you get a wide variety of topics that are related to the main topic