Need Instagram engagement help

I have been getting around 20 to 60 followers a day, but my engagement is rubish my account has 26k followers and is a travel blog account.

I need help to boost my engagement. I don’t know if the photos are good enough or something else I can do.

my Instagram account is @travelweekli would love some feedback

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Well, one thing that I don’t get guys, is how you are getting 20-60 followers per day when your engagement rate is bad…

Instagram is supposed to organically promote accounts that have good engagement rate, so how is that happening when other accounts are loosing followers?

Anyways, check your analytics, find which posts had performed better in terms of engagement and post similar repeatedly. See if you re getting same good results again.

Check this link :

I agree it seems unusual. You say you’re gaining followers naturally? Based on your engagement rate, you may need to either clear out inactive accounts and/or totally revamp your content

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what you mean totally revamp your content

I mean you might need totally different content. Like @Hexe said, look at your analytics and see which posts performed best. Also, you may have a lot of inactive users that are killing your engagement

What are you doing currently to grow your account? And what is your main goal: The Instagram account growth, growing your email list through your website or something else?

ER has been in the toilet since the first of January, it’s normal. It should pick back up within the next few weeks. Your account is healthy BTW – don’t complain, it will go back up your ER.

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what you mean my account is healthy

Considering ER is really low across the board on all IG and many lose or stay the same – your gaining even when low ER – does that make sense?

but it is very low than post travel accounts

so? your gaining – If the feed is low in ER and you try to improve it dramatically – your swimming against the current. the feed sucks at this time – and you always been on low compared to others? I bet there was a time you were higher – size wise for ER, and they lower. guess what – one can’t be on top all the time

what got any tips to help

Of course its not normal that account with 26k get 200-300 likes per photo, problem is that you used F-U to get most of your followers you should tell that here… You even used my service for views and i told you few times. Such followers are real but they are usually not interested in your content. They follow you because you followed them, what do you expect that they engage and visit your account every day. No they wont. Maybe there is some way to recover, but I dont think so, I’ve seen many accounts like your and all have in common one thing. The way they grow was F-U.

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so what you think i should do

Dude. You’ve got to clear out the inactive followers and grow another way. Try growing by liking

how do i know what is a inactive follower or not

Can’t jarvee scrape followers? You might have to go through and slowly over time block unblock those who haven’t like any of your posts

You could even use a child account to do the scraping to keep your main account safe

what you mean use a child account to do the scraping

but accounts that dont like my posts might to bee seeing them due to the Instagram algorithm and not actually a fake account as that will mean I will only have like 2k followers left