Need social media manager

Hi my name is Tyler, my mom owns an insurance company and a smog shop and is looking for a social media manager. DM me if interested.

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Hi Tyler.

Before your inbox gets flooded, perhaps you can give MP social an idea of what you are looking for in a day to day Social Media Manager? There are many experts in many fields here. Some are better at Instagram, some are better at Twitter. We have some all arounders as well.

We also have some folks that are not that great at social media. The more info you give about what you are looking for, the better your chances of finding the right person to help your businesses grow.

Maybe a stupid question but what is a smog shop?


In the United States we call it “smog”, but it’s an emissions testing or repair station to ensure everything is working correctly.

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thats been me the last two days lol


Ooh thanks for the explanation!

Haha lol😂

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Interesting, they using social media to promote their business.

Not really, I agree that it might not be what we are all used to as far as IM or SMM, but having a good social media presence and having a good social media marketing strategy in place can be very beneficial.

Perhaps as a business owner, they have whoever works for them replying to social media requests/complaints, or reviews. Perhaps the same person just posts meme’s and is out of touch with the surrounding community.

They could have large or small needs. But OP has not replied, so who knows?