Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


Keep us updated. I will be doing the same thing soon. Testing intervals and such.


Yeah please keep us updated man!


Hey Guys, still trying to scrap together as I have 1k clients on pause until I get more proxies… if anyone has any at all open up, please feel free to message me :slight_smile: Much appreciated!


I think at this point you should hire a CCNP and talk to a local tmobile, sprint store and see about your own mobile solution. It will probably be more cost effective. And then maybe there would be some proxies for the rest of us.


Hey, I am new to this forum.
I too want to use your proxies… They seem to be very promising!!
But I can’t get to the link…
So please send me the link.


It’s in his profile.


Check out the Marketplace on MPSocial, there is many good providers in there.

(If you do not have access to it yet, at least now you have a good motivation to participate in the community)


Mate - I’m not trying to question your client #'s, but with 3500 clients you don’t need anyone on here! 3500!!! Some of the best SAAS services out there have around 3000 clients and they make their own proxies along with some other software that makes life much easier! With 3500 clients, invest that money ($200 USD + per month).

Also, open a thread about your journey to 3500. Love to hear about it.


Yes, would love to see that :slight_smile:


Same! Sounds like an interesting journey :slight_smile:


Lol, I don’t need any motivation to participate here…
I am already motivated to master the child/slave method and then want to start a journey thread to help others crack that method.
So please tell me when I could use your proxy service and I saw your profile and found only a link of airsocks proxies which are damn expensive…
I can’t see any marketplace on the whole forum!!


Marketplace is level 2 on the forum, so not accessible.
the link in @HenryCooper bio takes you to his website and details of available proxy services. Check data plans --> Data plan purchase


thanks got it!!


Mobile proxies seem a little expensive to me for mother/child tbh :smiley:
At least if you want to do it in bulk :smiley:


Well with mobile proxies you can also squeeze more accounts on them to try and get the cost down to the price of around regular data center proxies. Then it would be worth it to use mobiles for the slave method. :slight_smile:


If you really know what you are doing and got experience with stacking accounts it might become cheaper then normal datacenter ones. But the road to that experience is not an easy one.

I see people struggle with 5 accounts but I also see people running 40+ per IP successfully. It depends on the user and the accounts a lot and most of the time people think it is the IP that is causing the issues :sweat_smile:. Recently is saw a stronger shift towards the account trust score. Proxies start to play a smaller role (still important to some degree tho)


Yeah, I too saw this that my older accounts can successfully run on 1pv4 like 3 accounts …
But the new ones can at most survive 2 per proxy with Small no of API calls only.


But running more than 5 accounts per ip not seems to be possible to me.
And mobile proxies are really very expensive.


not that expensive, 20$ for 10 accounts is nothing :wink:


Ok, well yeah, 40/ip seems like some advanced stuff haha especially considering that all of them will have the same tag in the bio (for mother/child). I prefer ipv6 for that haha, also kinda hard to handle, but is working for me so I’m happy with that :slight_smile:
Yeah, currently struggling with good acc creation, hopefully I will find good sellers once I’m lvl 2, can’t wait!