Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


Can u please pm the source?
It would great help… I am struggling with my proxies and account creation too:sweat:


Click @HenryCooper’ s bio.


2$/account is too much if you need them in bulk, can you recommend any other account seller? I know I’m not lvl 2 yet, otherwise I wouldn’t ask, but I need many hq accounts asap :smiley:


For mobile proxies that is actually super cheap. You can only get it cheaper if you go for datacenter proxies. Bottom end is 30ct/proxy for IPv6. But usually you get what you pay for…

Or you use your mobile phone to make your own mobile proxies. Not sure if you want to have that headache + maybe bust your data contigents.


True but are those accounts handmade?
I need accounts with good mails and should be handmade.


I have no idea lol ask @HenryCooper haha…
If you need that, then just create them yourself, many threads on how to do so in this forum :wink:


I just tried the method trending on this forum but got instant bans!!


@HenryCooper are your accounts handmade and have good emails too?
I wanna buy them.


Those accounts are “bruted” accounts.


ohk sir… :yum:
Lets see I will definitely try them!!


Hello Henry:
I am brand new to this forum and it seems like an excellent resource.
I am a social media manager for about 30 actors in Los Angeles.
I have been using Jarvee for IG follow/unfollow.
I have a separate dc proxy for each IG profile. through a Greencloud VPS
I buy the proxies from
I use very conservative settings - under 30 follows per hour for 12-14 hours per day
It has been working great until a few days ago and almost all of my accounts have been receiving follow action blocks on almost all of the profiles.
Jarvee nor the proxy company will take responsibility for the action blocks.
I am thinking it may be the proxies and need to replace all them.
I see you are recommended on this thread, but being new to this forum I cannot quite understand if you are selling proxies or recommending a company or just what is happening, but it seems like I need to know because I think you can help me solve my problem.
Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction!


He sells his own proxies, just click on the link in his profile :wink:


definitely the proxies! haha


Ahhh, thank you. I am still trying to understand how this whole forum works.
I am current using dc proxies.
Is raw mobile" a type of proxy?
Please excuse my ignorance?


OK, thank you. I am strictly small time compared to your company. I only manage about 30 actors IG accounts, but they have all been getting follow action blocked. What type of proxies did you purchase? Thank you for you advice


I literally just went through this and I had to learn the whole thing too haha, so no worries man! I’m down in sd too, if you ever wanna connect let me know!

I went through a lot of providers on here, most are recommended already above or have chimed in already… If I were you I would go to Mobile proxies, not raw mobile. Much easier and less to worry about. 1 proxy per account and it will be night and day compared to your DC proxies :slight_smile: Only know this because of the awesome people who educated me on here… :wink:


Yes,I am in Redondo - I would love to speak with you!!
I am so small compared to your business and I appreciate you replying back.
You sound like you know just exactly what I am experiencing
I have been reading all the posts and trying to understand them and I read about your issues too.
So I should use mobile proxies and they will work great in conjunction with Jarvee?


Yup should solve most of those issues


Where or how did you purchase the mobile proxies?
Do you have a link?
Thank you!


They are all literally in the original message on this thread :wink: