Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


Hi everyone!

I’m very new around here, but trying to dive right in and add as much value as I can! That being said, I’m in a bit of a crisis over here with our 3500 client accounts we manage… Got about 1k phone verification challenges last night and I think its finally time to move away from DC proxies we run from OxyLabs over to some Raw Mobile proxies that we can grow with a bit and not have so many issues. We don’t spam or do anything for 400 follows/likes per day for all business related accounts.

So far I’ve talked with @HenryCooper , @Verona and @mindeswx, just having trouble sourcing enough proxies quick enough. I think I need a total of 200-400 by the end of the weekend if possible… if anyone can fullfill please let me know or DM me :slight_smile:

Also, if there is anything else I can do to help anyone or answer any questions… always happy to collaborate or connect! Thank you all for your help!



Hit up @Digital7Boy as well


Thank you! I Dm’d him but he hasn’t responded yet, and I couldnt see his thread as Im still a lvl 1 so I’ll wait on him for sure :slight_smile: Thank you so much my friend!


If you hit everyone else up then he’s your next best bet, not sure if he does RAW/Whole etc, but worth a shot.

He’s pretty quick to respond, just give him a few hours.


@Digital7Boy has mobile proxies in bulk, I think

edit: saw somebody else recommended him


@golfer4lyfe Nice to meet you. It’s not a good idea to directly link in level 1 and 0 to the/your company.

It’s also frowned upon in these levels.

So part safety part frowned upon.

Welcome to the forum. San Diego represent.

I used to work down the street from you actually


Cheers! Thank you @wortime honest mistake, thought it was a DM haha. will get used to this UI very soon


@Digital7Boy has 1:1 proxies not raw @HenryCooper is raw the dawg :slight_smile: You can run up to 10 accounts with no issue on henrys proxies. I just do 5 and they fly!


There are dedicated modems too :slight_smile: pay attention to messages received from me in the past :see_no_evil: :shushing_face:


We got both Dedicated LTE Modems (20$) and Mobile Proxies (4$).


Enough raw dawgin in here guys, use protection, jesus :stuck_out_tongue: haha thank you to everyone who helped!!!


LOL too funny needed a laugh :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, anyone else have ANY mobile based proxies available? trying to get as many as I can this weekend… any suggestions will be helpful, thanks everyone!


Raw Mobile proxies are limited here please leave some for us lol


Haha I will for sure! Just had an emergency so I’ll be sure to figure out how to help everyone even further once we get through this, promise. Def will not make them scarce for you guys! Appreciate all your help, cheers!


Are you able to post? What’s the maximum accounts u can run?


Can post sometimes I have to let post rest for a few days as some of my account have low trust, on the 1:1 you can only run 1 account per proxy, raw mobile you can run as many as it will handle I do 5.


It depends on which time they are performing actions and how much. I personally experiment with that atm and the max I have now is 10. Until now they work flawless. I will increase the overall number to 20 in the next few days. I will run the accounts in intervalls, that the actions per hour will stay in the same range. I will keep you updated guys.


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