Need to make $3K/mo. on Insta in 3 Months

Hey fellas!

Been reading a lot on some of these forums and I don’t think there’s quite any other forum to get the right answer to this challenging question.

What’s the best way to make $3k/mo. passively through Instagram within a 3-month building process?

I am currently running 37 accounts running CPA + IG, and all of them are just 1-2 weeks old, so I haven’t seen much results yet.

Is it realistic to expect to earn $3k/mo. in CPA from IG if I keep adding more and more accounts?

What are your thoughts?


Start slow, develop a scaleable strategy that works with the accounts you have, then scale up. Will be a shitshow otherwise.

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The last thing you want to do is rush. You’ll end up getting your accounts banned.

You can definitely make $3K/mo. on Instagram doing IG + CPA. Get 30 accounts to make $100/mo. or 60 accounts to make $50/mo. etc.

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You’re right. I know that’s for sure. I open about 4-5 new accounts every day. Everything I’m doing is already scaleable, utilizing 100% automation software, plus additionally organizing everything into about 4-5 excel tabs in a spreadsheet. But for other people who just like to take action without keeping organized, I totally agree with you 100000%

I appreciate that response. Yeah, when you put it into perspective that makes sense.

I guess it’s a matter of finding the way to do it.

Easier said than done to make even $50/mo. for 60 accounts.

I’ve had one commission so far and it was within 48 hours of starting this journey. It was an $87 commission, which was awesome.

Problem is, since then, I’ve basically replicated the concept over and over into many accounts, and I’m not seeing any results, and it’s been almost 3 weeks since that initial commission.

You know how it is when you start losing faith in something that was already working…painful lol


Change up something. Test it. Analyze results. Rinse and repeat.


For sure! What’s important is that you don’t quit when things are not working.

Try adjusting your targeting and also reverse-engineer some accounts that are doing the same thing you’re doing.

You definetely should not expect anything to be passive.


Makes sense.

I think the one major thing I’d currently change from what I am doing is sending people directly to sales page of affiliate offer as opposed to collecting emails and sending them an email with the offer + lead magnet.

My biggest concern/issue with sending them to my own landing page and getting them on an email list, is the fact that I’d have to actually create lead magnets in niches that I don’t know all that much about.

I guess I should just keep building and building more accounts, and at some point, if I still don’t see conversions after another 2-3 weeks, I’ll start to focus on creating landing pages and free lead magnets for the accounts before trying to sell them something too quickly.

It’s never 100% passive, but with automation software, a lot of the growth is passive.

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I would 100% advise against direct-linking to affiliate offers. You’re going to want to collect emails and send them through an autoresponder sequence/series to build trust before you attempt to sell a product to them.

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Alright then. Well, if you feel so strongly against and you’ve had success with the IG + CPA model (please tell me that you do lol), then I’d definitely reconsider this. The question is how do you create quality lead magnets for the different niches?

It isn’t very difficult. Make sure your lead magnet is providing a solution to a problem people in your niche/target audience might have. That’s about it.

For example, a lead magnet in the fitness niche could be “3 Simple Tricks For Losing 10lbs. Of Fat In 2 Months” or something like that. Then, for example, send them to a page on your website where you’ve embedded 3 videos from YouTube content creators talking about how to lose weight.


That’s a fantastic idea! I already have a LeadPages account so that’s easy lead collection…I’ll just make a second landing page with curated content as opposed to sending them some original PDF. How many emails would you recommend sending that are VALUE only before trying to push the offer?

Damn tha’s not bad lolol.


You can also send them a .PDF if you want. Just make sure you’re providing them a solution to the problem they might be having.

I would recommend sending 5 value emails, then 2 pitch emails. For the pitch emails, make your initial pitch in the first email, then send them a reminder about the product you pitched in the 1st email in the 2nd email. If you do this and you don’t make ANY sales, then try sending 7 value emails before you send the 2 pitch emails.


Incredible feedback, seriously. Have you had a lot of success with this method?
Also, is each of the 5 value-focused emails sending them to just some kind of free content around the problem they’re facing?

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I have yes, and many people I know have also. I actually just created my own product in a niche I’m involved in and am about to launch my lead generation and email marketing campaigns in order to sell the product.

The 5 value-focused emails need to help the reader get closer to their goal, while not 100% giving them the exact solution. The exact solution should be the product you are going to pitch. So, if you’re pitching a weight loss product, the value emails should be talking about the benefits of losing weight, some simple tips for losing weight, etc.


Gotcha 100% :slight_smile: Thank you!