New "Account Compromised" Messaging

Are you automating? (probably yes), so rest the account like @DonPapo said. Also what kind of proxies are you using, how many accounts per proxy, are you doing actions in EB or through API?

Yes I’m automating lol
Am resting the account(s) in question
Mainly API right now, keep running into temp blocks via EB

Can you post your settings?

Received this message. Changed password. Applied password to automation tool. Did not rest it. I’m blocked from liking, following, posting until the 23rd. I’ll be much more cautious with automation when the block is lifted. I’m a complete noob though

I have some friends who have receive this message but Idk I am not receive any message like this.
Even though my accounts are running on Jarvee :wink:

Hi, what do you mean by switch account?

I just got this message today. Turning off tool for 48hrs before starting again.

I got the messaged, changed the password, resumed all my settings like normal. Nothing different happened every time.

If you see this message, don’t wait until you’ve been banned from all actions for a week to do something about it. Rather take full precautionary measures before you destroy your account’s trust rating any further.

Perhaps this means that the AC message the 7 day block don’t always come hand in hand.

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So what do you think we need to do? I received this block on 4 accounts … the actions were these:
1 -30/40 F per day
2 -60/70 F per day
3 -125/135 F per day
4 -180/90 F per day

Customers have changed Psw and I’m having the account rest for 2 days. After?

Reset Device IDs, Change Proxies and potentially ISP if you can. Re-login, wait 48 hours with only viewing activity. The gap between your minimum and maximum daily actions seems too low to me.


what proxy are you using?

1- When you say you change proxies you intend to change IP address?
2 - How do I change ISP? Should I ask for proxies that “run” on another operator’s sim?

Anyway thanks for the info

AirProxie…but I really don’t think it’s a problem of proxies

The gap has worked until now on all accounts … widen the gap, such as 150/200?

I have two clients who have this compromised status, one is living near my proxy DC location and the other one is living very far from my proxy location (he is traveling a lot).
What I can say is that I have others clients that have a follow block while they live in the city where my proxies are located and some are living in the US while I’m located in Europe and don’t have any block.

It’s so fucked up :confused:

Getting hit with a lot of these right now… anyone else?


Yes a lot here too.


If the message is “COMPROMISED” don put never again in softs with automatization.
Sorry but is a reality.

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