7 day's block theory

hii i gast get a 7 day block now for doing all actions follow like and comment :face_vomiting:

the interesting thing is that i think i know way i get this shit block

im running my account doing follow unfollow and abit likes (the like action stak alots little)
my follow for 30 days is 3008 so its far from the 6000

today i get a massage that tall me to change my password because i maybe using a 3 part app that gives me likes

so i changed the password and start working again (the likes was still temporary block) so i turn it off and do only follow
and everything is work fine

now after 2 hours i turn the likes on
and after i do the first like
i get this 7 days actions block
my amounts of likes for 30 days is 2241
so i think i get this block only because i do so many likes

I have a theory that IG trying to eliminate all the like provider and pods
and because it see that i do alot of likes for 30 days IG think im a likes provider or something

someone else get this 7 days block
and think like me ?
and if someone do more than 2241 likes for 30 days?

hoo and this is the massage i get from IG

P.S fuck you Zuckerberg :fu:

Edit: my recommendation now is to don’t use likes antil we know if my theory is true


You know what,i can confirm all the stuff you have said, i had this account running fine for over a month doing 140-150f and 100-150 likes a day so it was doing less than 6k action per month and last week i got asked to change my password (account compromised shit) then right after i put the account back to work and it got 7 days block for like+follow. So this could be a pattern yes, maybe too much likes give signal to instagram that it’s an SMM panel account and not real one

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There are several topics and discussions about thisalready. I can confirm this also from my side, just not the “like only” thing. I dont think its related to likes exclusively

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yes i know that there is abit similar topic
but i open this topic about this theory for everyone can see
because all the old topic are have alots of massage inside and if my theory is true it can disappear inside all the massages

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So many massages bro !

sorry man but you should read more on the forum, this has been massively covered in last 2 weeks…

read before you act. / think before you act
in this day and age on Automation