[NEW] Error-Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again

Hey guys,
Have you seen this kind of error on the login page?
When you are trying to log in and it prompts “Error-Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again”


Open manual browsing and go to Instagram.com, not instagram.com/login

Ya I did that but sometimes it still automatically goes http://instagram.com/login
Is this something new?

This is not a new error. Rest your account for 12-24 hours, it should get back to normal. Is it a new account you have just added to Jarvee or have you been running tools using EB on the account?

yeah, I have seen that previously, it’s some kind of URL redirection glitch it can happen also when you are trying to access your account posts direct from the URL.

I saw this message while doing some actions, when doing too many actions in some period, but it was a while ago. Didn’t see this message when trying to login. Do you use other IG account from the same IP address?

ya … i basically use it for scraping … so mobile proxies … should do the trick but somehow … it didn’t lol

The error message is really self-explanatory, so it’s probably for the best to wait and to try again in 24 hours and then to give it another shot. Cheers

Got fixed?
Because I’m having the same issue.

even i have the same problemm…how do i sort it out?

You’re probably doing too many actions within a short period of time. You should stop using the account completely for 24 hours, don’t visit any profiles and do any actions. After 24 hours have passed, start again with lower number of actions.

I’m not even able to log into the account

It’s the device ID - change the device ID - change the proxy and you are good to go

If anyone is still having this issue, just change the proxy and reopen the browser.

If that doesn’t work, as @crylonblue said, change device ID (I’ve personally never had to do that, changing proxy alone is enough).

Hi guys,
Lately, I experience new problems with this
Error: Please wait a few minutes before you try again.

This is after you logging and this error appears… it seems like if your accounts are doing too many actions regardless IPv4 or IPv6 or Mobile or Residential Proxies… It would occur…
Anyone having these problems?

Yep, just found this post as the first time I encountered this. I’m on mobile, had a captcha and resolved it. As soon as it was done, it went to this:

I tried to switch proxy which didn’t help. Will wait a bit and see if that does anything. If not, I’ll try to reset browser cookies next and if that doesn’t do it, then device ID next. Will see how it goes.

Did you solve this one already? Also got a couple of these today. What kind of accounts are yours that has that? Mine was scrapers.

Not sure what kind of bugs is this… even after solving captcha and PV… it goes to this error page … =.=‘’

I have the same issue since yesterday. A friend posted a brand new picture and I decided to spam in the comment section. After several hours the error popped and I somehow panicked. I’ve been watching a lot of “solutions” from random Indian guys on YouTube but at the and I gave up cause none of these solutions worked. And now I’m just here sitting and waiting the 24 hours to pass

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Hey, seems IG/FB had downtime issues yesterday, all accounts back to normal today

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