[NEW] Error-Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again

Hey guys,
Have you seen this kind of error on the login page?
When you are trying to log in and it prompts “Error-Please Wait A Few Minutes Before You Try Again”

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Open manual browsing and go to Instagram.com, not instagram.com/login

Ya I did that but sometimes it still automatically goes http://instagram.com/login
Is this something new?

This is not a new error. Rest your account for 12-24 hours, it should get back to normal. Is it a new account you have just added to Jarvee or have you been running tools using EB on the account?

yeah, I have seen that previously, it’s some kind of URL redirection glitch it can happen also when you are trying to access your account posts direct from the URL.

I saw this message while doing some actions, when doing too many actions in some period, but it was a while ago. Didn’t see this message when trying to login. Do you use other IG account from the same IP address?

ya … i basically use it for scraping … so mobile proxies … should do the trick but somehow … it didn’t lol

The error message is really self-explanatory, so it’s probably for the best to wait and to try again in 24 hours and then to give it another shot. Cheers