New FB upload a photo of yourself verification problem

anyone else upload a pic and then click continue and it just reload the same page and does not move onto the confirmation step?


resize and flip photo and do it again… works with me


Restart the browser and do the same thing again. Also, uploading PNG format insted of JPG may solve the problem :slight_smile:


saving it as a png and uploading it works. Have you guys successfully recover any of your accounts?

99,9% - have 1 that still in review by them


Can you share some tips?

What do you guys do about this when you’re using a fake account? Because I look for profile pics online and then start reacting and have friends of mine add them but I just got flagged and had to upload a picture to identify the account so I uploaded a similar looking picture of a girl I know that didn’t put that pic online hoping that will do the trick but i’m not sure since I’ve had this issue before and I don’t know how to pass the test.

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I’ve recovered with uploading the same profile picture. Be sure to be picture that clearly shows the face of him/her. However, if your account is too spammy nothing will help probably… In the last 4 days, 3 friends lost their personal accounts because of spam. This never happened before…


yep thats how it works for me 2.

sad for ur friends. especially for the real personal accounts :open_mouth: hard to hear that FB doesnt even care for real profiles

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Yeah, it’s pretty weird… In the past, they cared a lot for real profiles. No matter what, they would give you the account back. Now, they don’t even respond to the appeal sent after an account was disabled.

Triyng this righ now…

So, i have lost my account and cannot make a new account necause of this problem. I need to get onto fb to check on friends etc…how can i make an accou t that wont be required to upload a pic of myself clearly showing my face etc?
I am not at all computer savy so need all the help i can get…

Imagive i have uploaded id from my personal account when needed to run ads and they disabled it ! tried many times to unlock my businees manager no way !

Hello Guys ,
Frnds my personal aCcount is disabled By photo your self problem i also Update my photo that Crealy Show my face but i dont konw why they dis my account ??
and anyone know that WhiCh time this problem Coming Solve?

Did you use your acc for spamming?

hello all! not sure if this will work for everyone but, was posting in groups for a party so I changed the pic for the party pic, as soon as I did that pum! FB asked… send pic… so I send the party picture that I just put. Took them one day to unlock the account. Which got me thinking if was just luck, some employee who didn´t care or some sort of face recognition that as soon as it sees it matches lets you thru… not sure. Come to thing of it would not recommend this, since don’t want to mislead anyone, but that was one weird story that happened to me. Honestly I did it because am so tired of FB crap so just went with it. Anywho… thats my story with a pic of yourself, not a picture ID, never will I send them my picture ID. That for me is disregard for the Constitution… crossing the line, call it what ever you want. Sorry is to long, just wanted to share 1 experience that I had with the send pic crapola. Okydoky


Hi the method doesn’t work facebook disab 3 account’s .any new bypass???

sorry Spyder not on my side, I did it out of frustration and to be honest didn’t think it was gonna fly but it did so… was worth the try in case some one has the same luck as did…don’t have as much experience as others But… am learning everyday FB is doing something new so… even that shows us one of your pics for me is a dumb way to verify but what ever… hope together we can find a way around this problem, :wink:

lel nah.i create account for my roleplaying and not spamming,but its always returning to upload photo of yourself

most accounts are disabled, at least mine are