New FB upload a photo of yourself verification problem


Is anyone else having hard time going beyond the photo upload challenge? I am trying to upload profile pictures to bypass the challenge, but the same page keeps reloading, not allowing me to go beyond. Tried uploading pics manually on proxy, but it has failed again. I am guessing this is a FB glitch, but perhaps someone has the solution.


solved after taking a screenshot of the picture and uploading the cropped version


One other problem I am facing is that certain accounts got stuck in the verification process. I have submitted photos about 2 weeks ago and certain accounts are still ‘being verified’. Any thoughts on how to solve this?


I would contact the support staff to try to expedite the process and just play dumb until you receive a reply/verification process completes.


wait can you give me step by step ?,


Can you help me ? With mine


There’s not much more to be said than what he said. But in more depth you do things to alter the photo, visually and by metadata if you wish.

So different things to change could be:

  • Flip it horizontallly
  • Change colour tones
  • Rotate it slightly
  • Resize it on export
  • Save as PNG (Read someone saying once that can help, but might have been circumstantial only)
  • Clear metadata with tools like XnView, Use BatchPurifier, or change Hash with ImRisto Hash Manager. (I really don’t know much about those tools, but sometimes just throw them in something for extra measure. But if you export a new version I think it changes all the metadata anyway so it’s probably not necessary if you’re already editing the image)

Also, it’s a bugger of a checkpoint, especially if it happens soon after your first login with a new lower quality account. You just try, hope for the best and take your losses if the account gets disabled.


can you provide video tut of doing this? or what program should we use to do it?


Are you referring to me? I like being helpful but a video tutorial is overkill, I’m not going to make one. The written steps provided here and by other people around the place are all that’s needed. I think I already outlined above the steps and softwares, same as other people. Ie something like photoshop, Lightroom, even paint, whatever editor to warp the image. And if you ever want to strip metadata Xnview is good. You can probably even edit warp the image in xnview too.

Ask for anything else if that’s not clear enough though.


Thank you mate, but the Q that is this method working ? cauze iv’e lost +20 accs this month and counting iv’e never passed this test even my real account disabled after i uploaded a real selfie of me
what measurement fb use to recognize the photo ? i know it’s a bot who do the job but it is really silly that even real accounts disabled with no clear reason,.
have you ever unlocked accounts using this trick you mention ?
thank you very much for your replay


Okay I understand your question. Short answer is yes, I have unlocked accounts this way - but not that many. However, to my awareness from other people it is also basically your best bet for attempting to photo verify the account, so it may be your best option.

For me, if the account has been put straight onto a proxy (particularly low quality) and gets photo verification straight away or shortly after it can be as good as gone generally (though I think I may have had some survive like this). Generally it has worked more with ones which have had either warmup or actually history of usage, so it gets treated as more of a temporary measure and perhaps Facebook is more lenient and genuinely open to allowing the account to continue being used.

So it’s worth trying this method, but depending on how well warmed up and used the accounts are you have to end up counting your losses, from my experience anyway, and hope for the best. If this is happening heaps, look back at your proxy and accounts provider choices.


Check out this app called Snapseed. You do all of the steps above, except messing with the metadata. Very nifty tool.


OK, i used freeStone i did every steps you mentioned and waiting for facebook to review, i will replay with updates whether they disable accounts that i submitted photo for them or not.
Another thing i want to know should i use proxy for each account? Or they will get caught also?
If using proxy is good idea which vpn service sutiable for runing more than 10 accs on the same device?

Thank you bro


I commit that i was silly i was using my normal IP address to access each account
Basicaly i singed in with 5 accs on fb app
And 5 on brwoser firefox and another 5 acca on chrome
But as soon as i login into any account of these and immeadatily they require me to upload a photo.
I think its because i am using 1 IP for them all.
Doea facebook track just IP address or they track everything on my device?


And accounts i have they all aged accs from 2011 most of them i hacked using deleted hotmail method 90% of them seem to be not used for a while


same problem upload your self.


so i tried your method and 3 accounts got disabled, maybe Facebook done some improvement to their Face recognition software or whatever reason i still passed 0 “upload photo of your self” test :sweat_smile:
hope someone come up with newer method to get rid of this creepy check point.


This is your issue right here… Even when doing proxies and safety steps it is still common to just lose accounts to this verification in the early stages. If you’re not applying the basics of account privacy then it’s hard to expect any better results.


i’m not having proxies but today i purchased VPN service right now i am working on simple method:

1- clear all cookies manually from Firefox and using CCleaner to make sure there is nothing left for Facebook to track my IP & activity on particular browser.
2- connect to specific VPN server from the app i got “which is DroidVPN and it is Good VPN service when it comes to hide identity and dynamic IP’s from same location”.
3- Scrape some selfie photos of girl from tweak those photos using FreeStone software on windows then save them to folder.
4- Start create new account and fill all necessary information work, study, favorite movies, quotes, sport, blah blah…etc put tweaked photos on action 1 for profile pic, other 1 for cover and 3 of them as featured pics.
5- i am planing to rest the account for 3 days or something and then come back and start warming it up.
6- repeat the steps above to create another account with different VPN server for each account.

also i have an ID which will help in the future if FB require it for whatever reason
so i have that ID for girl i plan to create 5 accounts each one with little bit different names " e.x the name is “John Smith Peter” then 1st account should be John Smith, 2nd = John S. Peter", 3rd = John Smith Peter", 4th = maybe using different language if Facebook will accept it when it come to check the ID if they require for it but for sure it will be same name but syntax will be on foreign language.

correct me if there is something wrong with this method or if there is extra tips to be done to it?
again thank you for being very responsive and helpful as well, wish you having a good day :slight_smile:


by the way i am sorry for bad language and grammar i assume you will got me right :sweat_smile: