New FB upload a photo of yourself verification problem


Mate, how much do you pay for the VPN server? I mean, using a new one for every account will cost you a fortune on the long run. Why do you not get some proxies for a dollar each per month and they will do they’re job


it cost me 4.99$, and no i don’t have to had more than one vpn because just one will do the job
each vpn service has different servers like the one i have right now has 10 servers and all they from different locations “e.x 1st from los angles, the 2nd from london, 3rd from russia and so on”.
i use each server for one account
1 account per server


But how do you handle your accounts with these servers? So you must remember each servers IP and log switch between servers to to any actions with the accounts?


nope i don’t have to remember any IP because they’re dynamic but they show from the same location every time i connect to that specific vpn server , if i want to use any account i do this:
1- clear browser history manually & using ccleaner
2- i open the VPN app and connect to they server i reserved for specific account
3- then i login and use that account



to make it clear for you to understand how i setup my formula here aresteps i follow:

  • my vpn app has 10 different servers from dallas, los angles, london, mosscow, and other countries.
    total is 10 servers iv’e got on my vpn app

  • i setup each vpn server for 1 account like “los angles server for the first account, dallas for 2nd account…etc”

by the way VPN is the same as proxy their job is to change your real location and hide your identity from your ISP and maybe government. and in our case we use them to hide our identity from Facebook so we make it harder for them to track us . but last years those fuckers have really made very sophisticated algorithm and their spam detection system is very sensitive .
they don’t need people earn free money no more their message is clear " pay to play " or you got fucked all the time.


Ahh now I got you. You’re handling these accounts manually then.

I’ve got nordvpn and thought you found a way to save certain ip addresses, assign these to accounts and be able to implement some kind of automation

Thanks for your explanation though mate :+1::+1:


Yes after Facebook popped open a alert that my email address was out of date, I updated the address it then logged me out for security purposes! then asks for 6 Digit code which was sent to my phone, after entering code number it opens the page to upload a photo of yourself, well now it starts I upload a picture that is on my profile and it’s displayed then I click Continue to finish the process and as you it just reloads the same page no confirmation, I have resized and sent in other formats nothing worked I only opened a FB account for contacting my American friends
when there Skype was offline, FB Customer Support is a joke you can’t find a contact address to mail them or talk to somebody who can sort it.


@mdr07 thanks man wroked for me get submitted…hope to get verified to


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