New IG Growth Strategy Needed

Hello All!

I am at 26.1 K and I have been using the follow/unfollow method for growth. My biggest day was 1k in 24 hrs when I think I hit the magical land called the explore page. On average I get 700 to 1k a month. I read that after 20k it is good to switch methods and would love to have some tips on alternatives to follow/unfollow. The content is there, it is just a matter of getting it in front of my audience.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Definitely going to be watching this thread. I’ve been seeing the idea of changing methods as you get to a higher following more and more, and I’m curious to what this entails.


Hey @nic77,

I have already posted this in another thread, but maybe it helps you too. 1k follower through follow/unfollow method appears to be a quite small number to me. I have a lot of friends who were not really successful with that method, because they did not use good targets.

So here is how I do it to get 4,5-6k followers a month:

I was able to get to an conversion rate of 45-50% in the travel niche.
I only use other accounts as targets. Hashtags and locations were super bad.

How I find the best accounts to target:

I don’t pick super big accounts from my niche. Lets say up to 20-30k followers. Sometimes really small ones (5-10k). Of course you have to add new accounts then more often. The idea is that their followings are people who aren’t only after the super big accounts which are instafamous.
Then I check their quality of content. I like to pick accounts thats content is worse than mine. The idea: If the people like their content, they will love my content.

Then I check their engagement rate. Their needs to be at least 5% likes to followers, but better 10% or more. So you don’t follow/unfollows too many bots, which won’t follow back.
Then I follow/unfollow only accounts with max. 600 followers and followings. The bigger one won’t care about your follow or don´t even notice it. And I skip business accounts of course.

If you are able to check your conversion rate do it often. As well if your bot lets you have an eye on your skip rate (the amount of accounts that were not engaged because of max followers for example (see no. 4). If your skip rate is very high you are wasting a lot of time of the day just browsing through useless accounts. Don’t go with less than 20% actually approached account. The higher the better.

Thats my tactic right now getting a conversion rate between 45 and 50%, which think is very good. I do around 400 follows and unfollows a day and I end up with 150-200 new followers a day. Depending on how many people decided to unfollow me that day. I am currently sitting at 6k followers btw…


Thank you! I am going try this out. I use to get about 100 to 150 a day easy. Once the changes in IG occurred, everything shifted drastically. I am just now building momentum again. So you have been working for one month and gained 6 K? Do you know anything about Powerlikes?

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I am working on this account since february now, but found out the best way to targeting for me just two weeks ago. At the beginning I was just gaining 30-60 followers per day.
But I also have to say that my content improved so this might have helped with the conversion rate also. If your content is shit you will probably never get a got conversion rate.
No I don’t really know anything about power likes.
I know these Wolf Global Telegram groups, where you are supposed to get 400 likes on your picture, but you also have to like 400 that day. As I get blocks on likes pretty fast I don’t do this stuff.
Will bot my account to 50-100k and then play with that and comment pods and stop botting probably.


Okay! Thanks again! Yeah, the content is there. I literally gained 1k in one day when people saw it. If I could get that exposure daily I would be huge by now. It is just getting it in front of people. The bot I am currently using may be a HUGE part of the issue. It is has slowed down tremendously since last April when “Bot-Gate” started LOL. Regardless of how I set it, it seems to refuse to follow 500 a day and it never likes the post of those who I follow consistently which may be part of the issue. I have another bot subscription that I may go back to and see if I see a significant change. The only reason I do not use it bound to my laptop. I have to utilize a proxy and a VPN. The other is far more user friendly in that I can access it via cellphone and the only requirement is that I purchase time.

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I hope I get some insight. It was great in the beginning but I think that there is a better way at this point in my growth. Also, I would like my feed to actually be those whom I want to follow. LOL

My personally,

I don’t suggest using f/u for multiple reasons. But regardless, the best method in my eyes is godo quality Powerlikes or really great Influencer Shoutouts.

These 2 methods are more so dependent on your content (it’s hard to say without seeing the account). Content is always king and “methods” are really just an added plus to what’s already on your page.

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Stay with f/u until 30-40k. Right now get with others around your size or a little bigger and start dm groups because you will start to establish rapport with them. Make sure they are in the same niche as you! Once you reach 30-50 k test every few weeks to see if your account can grow on its own because of the dm groups. I don’t know what your niche is so borrow a explore post. If photography don’t. Right now you are just at a tipping point. Growva little more

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Thank you! My page is a quotes page (relationships/single life). So when you say borrow an explore post, do you mean repost it? I am in a DM group, but I am the largest account by far and it is a little small so I guess I need to switch up. I am not really to savvy on DM groups. How large should they be to be effective? Thanks again for your tips!

the correct polital term is steal the puppy.

stay with them, they grow too. Just becuase they are small does not mean they won’t grow. They may get bigger than you and shame if you lose them. Your call.

as many as you have time to work properly.

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Thank you! I have done a round of powerlikes. Based on your suggestion I think I will research different avenues to order them. I am not sure if the ones I ordered are the best. I will look up shoutouts as well!

Awesome! Thanks!

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Steal the puppy… :joy::rofl::joy: I will def stay in there. I like the ladies. Only one is seemingly actively participating but I have not left. Instead of switch up, I should have said switch up as far as being in just one, creating some, etc.

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Then dump it and find more fertile groups, stay in same niche

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It’s hard to create groups until you get bigger. Try to join a established one. The only way to find them is send many DM’s

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Thanks for your good tips @Alexnvo
Would you mind explaining what a DM group is? A few of my accounts were getting thrown into DMs with what looked like other accounts of this promotional nature. I’m guessing they were DM groups, but I didn’t know what they were actually trying to achieve, as at that stage they weren’t really talking about doing anything - I’ll have to check again though. Is there normally some sort of aim from them?

accounts in a message group that like and/or comment each other as soon as the notification is sent in the group by an account. Most effective when each follow each, like and comment AND save post. The faster the like, the better. Comments are optional, saves should be required for best results. Each account should be in same niche!


And how many people might each DM group have? And might they have many fake accounts that they also use to mass-like, or do they just like individually?

to the 15 limit in each message group. if they have fake accounts, they would not be classified as in a DM group because the could not respond.