New IG 'Using Apps to Gain Followers Isn't Allowed' 😥

New Instagram message.

What are your thoughts on this message?

Is this from follow/unfollow or more of like services such as Fuel?

Do you think all accounts will really get banned?

Should I actually change password or just let the account cool down?

This is probably caused by Fuelgram and other similar apps.



NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity Theres ongoing discussion about this. Any blocks on the account? or have you just received the message for now

I’ve seen that message before and this one is a new message that popped up. Different verbage and claims to disable account if they don’t stop…

That’s what I think

well let’s see if they actually pull the trigger or if theyre just puffing smoke (not the good kind obv)


probably they are sending this message out to accounts that are connected on many other platforms?

Had this only on account which was on a datacenter proxy and conncted from 4 other devices

It doesn’t appear to be from f/uf. From f/uf I usually get the ‘Action Blocked’ prompt if ever there is an error.

This is old and completely unrelated to f/uf. It’s targeting 3rd party apps, that you login to like fuelgram, or some unfollowing app on your phone, etc. They don’t want you giving access to your account to random apps. Nothing to do with us. I wouldn’t worry about it at all unless you’ve logged your account into something other than Jarvee.

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Also, some people end up “misteriously” losing their accounts after using random apps on the store that need their info to login, getting mad at IG because they were hacked. If you’re using any app like that I’d be more worried about being “hacked” than IG’s ban-hammer.

These apps have been problematic for so long, I’m surprised IG only took a stance recently.

I didn’t even know Fuelgram was into that token-based follow for follow shit. Thought they were just into bullshit engagement groups.

I can personally attest that the only account I use was as clean as a whistle and I never did anything but f/u on a home IP and extremely low actions, never bought likes, never had fake likes sent to me, only logged in via Jarvee and got the old message. (same wording, but account being limited not disabled)

I also will have a major update for the other thread soon, as things have not gotten even more nuts.

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i’ve got it on accounts just using me for f/uf or likes

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It is kind of funny. Because without all the bots IG would be nowhere. Just look at Vero…

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I think they know that to a certain extent, without people like us, our clients would have gave up a long time ago