NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity

My clients are getting a new alert on their Instagram today.

“We’re removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows”

"It looks like you may have shared your username and password with an app offering followers or likes. We’re removing activity like new followers from these apps to protect our community from inauthentic activity. Change your password to stop them from accessing your account. "

I have these clients on Jarvee each with their own proxy and only 2 out of 70 clients got this. Are you experiencing this too? Any recommendations?


Same here,

I got 20 emails already!! All I am saying is that is only an alert that Instagram notice that you are using different devices and they want to make sure that are authentic and in this way by changing the password you can confirm.

So to not worry and that all will be fine, I’ve had my first case over a month ago and the Client has never had an issue.

Any suggestion?

alot of people have reported having the same message , but no followers were removed so far .

He can’t see it because he is level 1



ME: I can understand your concern, but this has zero to do with our service. We grow accounts by engaging with other users, just like a human would, not by offering fake likes and follows. Those other users choose to follow your account back.

  1. We are not an app
  2. We do not offer fake likes and followers
  3. They will not be deleting anything unless you bought likes / followers from one of these services in the past
  4. How about buying my special engagement add on package? j/k

Be swift with your clients friends. The faster the response the better.

say thank you to @mrsmith .


I know I am canceling all the things I have planned for a normal evening and now I will have to answer to all the mails.

Why people do not understand that what we do is not illegal but Instagram try to make a problem?

We have noticed only the users on data having this issue. All the rest is safe for now


What do you mean only the users “on data” are having the issue?

Yes I was going to ask this too.

Also, how many accounts do you each have per proxy?

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I would use what @mrsmith said, expand a bit, personalize it, and blast it via email. Always get ahead of the issue.

Millions of people are getting these, even if they’ve never botted an account. I am just going on a guess here, they are sending these to blocks of IP’s that have had instances or reports of abuse on. Since many people share the same IP, they are lumped into the same category and receive the message regardless.



I have done an Announce on Instagram with a video so all the clients Will be seeing it.

Anyway I mean with Data those that are under date center proxy.
So far I didn’t get anyone under mobile.

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thank you for clarifying.

and @LanceParrish were yours datacenter too or under mobile?

Not sure what mine are. Cheap proxies

Getting same issue today.

I changed on one account the password and now I got after 2 days the same message…

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Let’s use one discussion:

That one is in LVL2, so not everyone can access it.


Yes I’d like to view that but I’m not Level 2. Is there anyway to get upgraded to that?

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@LanceParrish User Levels Explained


I just got my first one on a client’s account today…

This is a client who is known to have been using the app on their phone frequently while Jarvee is simultaneously running. This account was also giving likes on the like exchange (about 11 likes per round)

Is it possible there is a parallel here between the user engaging a lot on their end in addition to what we do?

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Don’t use client accounts on the LE.

It’s possible but not likely. Many people got those and have never used automation. It’s possible that they used a bad app once, or it could be as simple as their IP was flagged from a spam operation. Occasionally companies will flag entire blocks of IP’s by the thousands and it could be something as simple as they were driving through a city that was flagged on IP and that made them get the message.

The reality is that they probably bought likes or something along the lines.