New Instagram Error: 'Try Again Later' - 1st July 2020

Hi guys,

Since a few days I’m receiving this error:

How do I get rid of this, relogin doesn’t work and stays up for days?

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You have a temporary block and to make this go away stop trying to follow people for a couple of days. When the block goes away and you can follow people again, keep it limited and don’t immediately start following a lot of people.

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Yeah I thought so, did not get this message in 6 months and now it keeps popping up more often.

Actually, the error message itself looks to be relatively new. Going through our servers now and seeing it on multiple accounts.

There was a similar message IG would present, but this one looks slightly different.

Also, clearing cookies or relogging in does not clear it.

Additional findings:

The error message does not show on the affected account when accessed by phone (unless that’s where the majority of actions are being performed).

It seems irrespective of client activity - I have personal accounts affected that are run entirely (posting, following, etc.) on one single login.


I agree, I have seen similar messages but it seems like they added the “like following people” as before it used to be more generalized and people would usually receive this for commenting or liking too much. Perhaps this is the new approach to following too many people at once and is more like a warning instead of immediately being hit by a hard block.

Yes, could be. Just trying to establish why it’s happening, because it does look very random right now - but that’s how it always starts haha!

Can you do other actions (like, comment) after you got that error message? or did you stop all tools to rest the account?

Can’t like, comment or unfollow. Tested on a few accounts

Try to limit the number of your actions to 10k over the 2 months period or if you can’t track that number don’t do more than 200 follows, 200-300 likes, 20-30 comments per day.

I have noticed that my tools get suspended when I get this message, but then a few hours later after my suspension ends, the tools will work again. No logout needed.


How long do you suspend for approx if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve heard people reporting it lasts up to 3 days, and some say just a few hours

I don’t want to say my times on Level 1. I’ll DM you.

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Would leaving account rest 24 hours shift this message ?

My findings so far. Block stays up for 3 days and you can relog again, you can like and unfollow while this is happening. I really don’t know why this is popping up, is still looking to random for me.


Def different from the the normal Temp Block.
This temp block has the “try again later” - def cannot run even after relogin.

But it does kind of go away after rest by itself. This is kind of similar to the “silent block” did anyone get this also?

I faced the same issue.
Let the account rest for 3 days ( without login out)
Then browse > try to do some actions ( you should face the message again) > report the issue > logout >Close window> Browse > login ( type manually) > Try some actions = issue solved
I dont know if it is the best process. Hope this will solve your issue

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I got the same problems. It keeps for a week then I decide to log out of my account then clear cache and data from my phone and login again. Now it seems to working again. Try yourself.

How many Follows you did in 30 Days? More than 6000? And how many follow you did in 1 Hour and in 1 Day?

Yeah it seems the block is going away after 3 days for me to.