New Instagram feature launched ! Helping Users to manager their Follows

UPDATE EDIT: It’s finally launched !

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Hi everyone,

Just spotted this on twitter. It seems that Instagram is looking for a way to help users to better manage their feed and as a result manage their “following.”

The categorization will be mainly around two groups:

  • Least Interacted With
  • “Most Shown in Feed”
    in the last 90days

But also some thematic groups such as “Art” “Comics”.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to create your own category for the moment.


The major insight I can see is that content will be more important than ever as it will be mor eeasy for the users to sort the relevant accounts from the others.
Moreover, upload regularity will also be a key factor success in order to avoid to be in the “least interact with” category.


I think thats amazing if you run manual accounts and interactions.

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You mean amazing in term of user experience for the casual instagram user ?

yes because right now you dont see the posts of least interacted with. so you have to visit their profile to interact with them. Waiting for something like this since a while.

Also filtering/categorys for commentors or likers would be great.

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Hum I rather see the thing like :

  • want to make a clean about my following
  • go to this page
  • Analyse the “least intereact with”
  • Check the unfollow button for each account I no longer see any interest to follow.

Everybody has more and more following (just like everybody has more and more youtube subscribed channels) so companies has to find ways to help the users to not getting lost.

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Well spotted thanks for sharing. I wish they’d just revert back to the clear and simple chronological view personally…

The feature seems to be finally launched.

I just update the app and nothing here for me (From France)

Do you guys have an insight about it ?
What are your thoughts about this ?

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