New Instagram Insights 👀

Just saw my insights update on Instagram. It now shows more info like how many profile view and follow actions have been taken, as well as where the impressions for a post came from and more.

What do y’all make of It? And what do you think the “other” source is? :thinking:

Yo … where are you seeing this? I have the latest version on iOS and it looks the same to me. Maybe they’re slowly rolling it out?

is there a way to acces this with a non “pro” account ?

appears on random accounts.

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There’s another new feature called “Recommended for you” where it shows you posts that might be interesting for you!

I think ‘Other’ are impressions from “Recommended for you” and ‘Person X likes 8 differents posts’


Yea it’s appearing on random accounts. it’s only on one of my accounts

i check 10 accs, no one has that :sweat::

I just took a look at the 4 accounts I have on my iPhone and none seem to have it. What’s the process to get to that page you did a screenshot of? Tap the analytics icon at the top right and you’re there, or do you need to dig deeper to see that?

i went to a post and tapped “View insights” and swiped up.


I actually have this! Looks like my best performing photos had high numbers in explore tab. Just as expected.

thats pretty cool it tells you if you hit explore or not.

Almost every post hits ‘Explore’ nowadays. If someone who likes your page likes your picture, it will be shown to a small percentage of their followers on the explore page.

I don’t know about you but I never look at the explore page to be honest. I have the people I follow so why would I go to explore haha

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Why not? I always do in order to find interesting new profiles :slight_smile:

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I’m curious about these. I had a post just do 40k video views in the first 2 hours on an account that normally does 1-2k views per video.

Diving into the new insights I see:

Profile visits; 1k
Follows: 29

From Explore: 17k
From Home 1.4k
From Hashtags: 241
From Other: 10,815

However Discovery says 0% of accounts that saw this post weren’t following you.

^is this discovery stat anything other than 0 for others? Seems weird that it would be 0 if this post got me 29 follows from non followers.

I’ve checked other posts and all seem to show a 0% on this stat.

I believe the 0% to be a bug of some sorts (or an intended delay to show you this stat?). I had some posts show 0% of accounts weren’t following you on a post for 2 days, but after day 2 it showed the actual statistics which were above 0%. However, your posts should eventually show the correct statistics.

Hope this helps


Thanks that is what I suspecting. Thanks for confirming!

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I’ve seen the same thing intermittently as well; I agree that there is likely a bug with this particular statistic


i have it… all you do is it view insight and then drag the insight bar up and it opens everything

I also love exploring!:grinning:

These insights look cool, but are they worth switching o a business account and lowering reach/engagement?