New Instagram monthly limits - solution for follow-blocks


we currently manage 200+ client accounts and 150 of them have follow-blocks. We checked every one of them and 50+ accounts can perform actions without any issues (both DC and mobile proxies).

All of these 50 accounts are new customers and they followed less than 6000 people in last 30 days. I checked it with couple friendly Instagram agencies and everyone of them have found the same pattern.

Most of our clients without follow-blocks are new customers, however some of them are with our agency for months now (but they followed less than 6k people in last 30 days, for example after 3 weeks follow-block received 8th May).

So currently limit is about 6000 follows per month (200 follows per day should be enough to avoid blocks at the end of the month). We should focus on quality of sources, instead of quantity of follows.

This is not the end of the world :slight_smile:


Where did you get this number 200? Some of my clients accoutns follow 400 daily without any troubles and they haven’t been affected by this follow block. But I agree that everyone should stop following 1k users daily

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This is very helpful. What about comments and liking. Any idea about that?

I have 12 accounts doing 400 follows a day without problems.

I have an account which followed 9,663 over the past 30 days and it did not receive a follow block. And accounts which have followed under this amount have.


Guys, if you’re new here; be very careful when listening to what this guy is saying.

No one knows the details as of yet and for someone to claim he knows the monthly limits etc can be very damaging and misleading for people who believe what they see others post.

It’s true that there are a lot of reports of accounts that are newer to botting having less issues, but that does not mean it’s a fact.



I fixed it all yesterday, all accounts up and running again, I had to use MAX 80 follows per day but today I updated it to 200-300 ppl per day. No other actions running just follow. Will report if any problems occur.


Wait until you reach 6000 follow in 30 days :wink:


How many accounts and how old are they?

Great ! Thanks


Those accounts have been running for months. They do about 12000 follows a month.

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Did you reset the IDs or just reduced the amount?

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Please, stop opening new threads about this shit. Did you guys return from vacations? Jesus…

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Interested in the same question, how did you remove the block so you could test new limits?


So you’re accounts wern’t blocked anymore? Because for most people there is an account-wide follow-block which can’t really be removed unless IG takes it off.


Guys, I can’t tell if he is right. But what happened to one of my client account let me think it might.

On the 15th of may, my “CLIENT” 6 months plan stoped. So I stopped F/UF on Jarvee.
On 4th of june, like everyone here all my account got follow block (except for the new ones) including my former “CLIENT” for which I wasn’t boting since two weeks.

I juste double checked the stats. On 4th of june the number of follow during the last 30 days was 6 340.

The next day, on 5th of june the number of follow done during the 30 last days was 5 261… And the follow block desapired. So Kacper might have something here.

In 8 days I have an other account from a client that will pass down the level of 6 000 follow during the last 30 days. I’ll keep you posted the block disapear :slight_smile:

Good luck guys


This thread should be shut down. We already have a mega thread on it and this is just someone spewing. Raises more issues with threads like these.


Do you have old account doing less than 6000 a month with no block?

Can’t help you sorry only do F UF…
Please read my experience, he might have find smthg

You might test it on a friend account ?

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