[NEW] Instagram Phone Number Verification Problem

Hey guys,
Did anyone realize IG phone verification is having problems?
I have certain account is not receiving any phone number in return…
Doesn’t matter cheap number, expensive number or real phone number … I still don’t receive it …

Anyone having this problem?

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Depends if your Ip is blacklisted or they got a link for all of your accounts in some way,can you ellaborate more details about this?

Regarding IP, I dont think so cause I’ve tried all IP’s from data center to 4G mobile to residential IP …
so everything is random …
one day I got a PV error, I need to put in phone numbers to unlock it, so i tried many different numbers but I still don’t receive the code… currently I have 3 account which is facing this problem but non of this accounts are link in whatsoever with each other…

Where are you getting your numbers from?
Are you trying to do this in Jarvee or your phone?

Without knowing the complete details it is hard to tell this.

Why did you open this thread when the latest discussed thread is all about what you’re asking ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that so?
But in my opinion, this problem is quite different from that …
cause usually problems like this occur is due to IP being blacklist or maybe phone numbers is having problems … but that’s not the case … so I want to see whether anyone is experiencing this problem like me

I tried using Jarvee and Mobile and Desktop also … non of them work (receiving numbers)
Numbers are from like smspva and even real mobile phone numbers which belongs to me that never verify any IG accounts before…

There must be some link that they found out and you are missing it,this is not possible because I recieve my codes properly without any hesitation at all on all of my phones,either the IP or the number is flagged or both of them are.

There is no 4G mobile proxies IP blacklisted or bans

hence thats the issue lol

im sharing my story out … cause maybe IG is implementing something new?
or someone have already experiencing the same problems as I do

This isn’t an IP problem or anything like that. Some countries have timeouts for sometimes even days, where the codes just don’t come in at times. @tacos and I refer this as “PVs are broken right now” because we both use the same country with real sims. We’ve been experiencing it for about 2 months now.

you mean dayssss ?
How long have you experience this?

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Sometimes it’s a few minutes, sometimes it’s for hours…I think our record was 4 days waiting for them to work again.

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What in the world …!!!

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Yah we both lost our shit on the 4 day one. It was an effing disaster because we were both starting out with some new that month clients. It passes, but it’s brutal until it does.

I am having that same problem at the moment. 2 Days already and still can’t receive the code.

Oh so you are like me now, I’m on the 3rd day now lol

Yeah we are on day 3 with one of our clients. 2 other clients are on day 2. And one client had it happen today.

So we have 4 client accounts that aren’t receiving the code. Tried everything but we will just wait. Clients are NOT impressed bc their account is gone until that code gets sent.

Off-topic but as I worked a bit with some other platforms like Twitter and TikTok for a non-client management related project in the last few weeks, I just realized what a complete joke Instagram as a platform actually got. I’m like with what are we dealing here?? It got absolutely ridiculous.

Not trying to be negative, but I just have to say that once because issues on other platforms are nowhere near to what is happing on Instagram.

Soon we will need scrapers for the scrapers.